Camp and school groups

Tailored Ski and Snowboard Lessons for Field Trips and School Groups

Kick off an unforgettable camp day in the mountains by gaining new tips for skiing or learning a completely new sport with our friendly and skilled instructors. Our teachers will introduce slope safety rules and lift usage, familiarizing your group with Ruka's extensive slope area according to their skill level.

We tailor the lesson times to fit your camp schedule, and suitable discipline and skill-level groups are organized in advance. Whether refining basic skills or delving into freestyle techniques, we offer instruction for students who have mastered the fundamentals of skiing or snowboarding.



We recommend making a ski school reservation for the camp school group well in advance. When booking a lesson, you will get more detailed information about preparing for the lesson and the location of the meeting place. The duration of the lesson is 1h 45min, when there are at least 3 students in the group. For 1–2 students, we recommend booking a 50-minute or 1-hour 45-minute private lesson.

When the size of the camp school group is 7-10 students/sport and skill level, the price is then €28 / student.
If the group size is 3-6 students, the price is €186/group. Check out our skill levels in advance, as students will be split into the groups according to their skill level.

Ski school can be added to the same billing as equipment rentals and lift tickets for the school group. You can make an invoicing agreement with RukaBooking by calling +358 10 382 5222 or email: They will give to you also lift ticket and equipment prices for school groups.


Get to know to the terms and conditions of ski school services.


Familiarize yourself with the skill level guide of the ski school, so you can choose a course that matches your abilities.

If you're wondering where to get equipment or have any other questions, check out the frequently asked questions.