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To national parks and the airport with local buses

If you arrive by plane, all scheduled flights have an airport bus transport to Ruka. Regular buses run between Ruka village and Kuusamo centre, SkiBus in the winter and the Karhunkierros Trail bus in the summer. You can also reach Hossa National Park by HossaBus in the summer.

Airport bus all year round

The airport bus takes customers from Kuusamo airport to Ruka from all scheduled flights. The operator is Pohjolan Matka.


Route Departure Fees
Ruka village (Kumpare roundabout) 1 h 45 min before the departure of the flight 10 €/adult, 5 €/child 4-11 yrs.
Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki 1 h 25 min before the departure of the flight 7 €/adult, 4 €/child 4-11 yrs.
Kuusamo airport 1 h 15 min before the departure of the flight

Detailed schedules and tickets at

Kuusamo airport - Kuusamon Tropiikki Info Buy
Kuusamo airport - Ruka Info Buy
Kuusamo airport - Salla Info Buy
Salla - Kuusamo airport Info Buy
Ruka - Kuusamo airport Info Buy
Kuusamon Tropiikki - Kuusamo airport Info Buy

Airport Bus is operated by Pohjolan Matka, tel. +358 201 303 520,, Call fees: 8,35 cnt/call + 16,69 cnt/min (VAT 24 %) + international call fees.

Airport Bus route: Ruka - Kuusamon Tropiikki - Kuusamo airport - Kuusamon Tropiikki - Ruka. The section between Kuusamo Tropiikki and Ruka goes along the main road number 5 (Kuusamo-Kemijärvi). Departure from the airport towards Ruka after the arrival of each flight. You can get on and off the bus at all stops along the way. 

There are connections for some flights also from Salla. Check your flight’s bus route and connection from the Pohjolan Matka website (at the bottom of the page) or from the Karhunkierros Trail bus schedule on this site. In case the airport bus doesn’t serve your flight or destination, we recommend booking a taxi in advance, tel. +358 (0)100 84 200 or +358 (0)6 000 4141.

Matkahuolto Buses on Map Matkahuolto Buses on Map shows this route/bus on the map in real time. 

Kuusamo-Ruka year round

Bus connection from Kemijärvi to Kuusamo and return offers a great way to travel between Ruka and Kuusamo centre. Scedule available on page Getting here

Karhunkierros Trail Bus 1.6.-31.10.2023

With the Karhunkierros Trail bus, you can reach Karhunkierros Trail easily from Kuusamo centre or Ruka village (southern roundabout) or travel back to Ruka or Kuusamo city centre from Karhunkierros Trail. In addition, you can also take a shared taxi from Ruka village to the trail. 

Rukabuses operates from Ruka to Hautajärvi and back during 19.6-20.9.2023 Mondays and Wednesdays. Pets are welcome in the bus. 

Rukabuses operates from Salla to Kuusamo and back during 1.6.-31.10.2023 Thursday-Sunday. The bus from Salla to Kuusamo has a connection to the Oulu bus leaving at 16:30. The bus from Kuusamo to Salla is, on the other hand, a connection from the Oulu bus from 18:15. More detailed schedules, tickets and prices on Matkahuolto's website.

Pohjolan Matka operates from Salla to Kuusamo Airport and back. You will find an updated schedule on Pohjolan Matka's website (in Finnish only and the link to the timetable is at the bottom of the page). 

Ruka - Hautajärvi (Rukabuses) Mon, Wed 19.6.-22.9.
Ruka village (Kumpare roundabout) 9:00
Sale Käylä 9:20
Ristikallio parking lot 9:30
Karhunkierros Visitor Centre (Hautajärvi) 9:45
Hautajärvi - Ruka (Rukabuses) Mon, Wed 19.6.-22.9.
Karhunkierros Visitor Centre (Hautajärvi) 10:00
Ristikallio parking lot 10:15
Sale Käylä 10:25
Ruka village (Kumpare roundabout) 10:45
Salla - Kuusamo (Rukabuses) Thu-Sun 1.6.-31.10.
Salla 14.10
Sallatunturi 14.15
Karhunkierros Visitor Centre (Hautajärvi) 14.40
Ristikallio parking lot 14.50
Sale Käylä 15.05
Juuma (Retkietappi) 15.20
Ruka village (Kumpare roundabout) 15.45
Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki 16.10
Kuusamo centre (Ervasti square, Kelantie) 16.20
Kuusamo - Salla (Rukabuses) Thu-Sun 1.6.-31.10.
Kuusamo centre (Ervasti square, Kelantie) 18.20
Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki 18.30
Ruka village (Kumpare roundabout) 18.55
Juuma (Retkietappi) 19.20
Sale Käylä 19.35
Ristikallio parking lot 19.45
Karhunkierros Visitor Centre (Hautajärvi) 20.00
Sallatunturi 20.20
Salla 20.30

Detailed schedules and tickets at

Ruka = Ruka village (roundabout at Shopping Centre Kumpare)
Kuusamo = Kuusamo city centre (Kelantie, Ervastin aukio square)
Juuma = Pieni Karhunkierros
Ristikallio = Ristikallio parking spot along Sallantie road
Kiutaköngäs = Oulanka Visitor Centre
Hautajärvi = Karhunkierros Visitor Centre

Ruka-Ristikallio Info Buy
Ruka-Hautajärvi Info Buy
Hautajärvi-Ruka Info Buy
Ristikallio-Ruka Info Buy

Matkahuolto Buses on Map Matkahuolto Buses on Map shows this route/bus on the map in real time (routes operated by Rukabuses). 

Kuusamo-Hossa 5.6.-1.10.2023

There's no separate Hossa Bus during summer 2023. However, bus connection from Kajaani to Kuusamo travels via Hossa.

Explanations of abbreviations
Mon-Fri = Monday to Friday
Sat = Saturdays
Sun = Sundays
SS = If there are two or more bank holidays in a row, the bus will operate on the last bank holiday, not on single bank holidays.
x = The bus stops here if needed.
-- = The bus does not travel via this bus stop.

Kuusamo-Hossa Mon-Fri SS
Kuusamo (Kelantie) 7:45 10:00
Hossa Visitor Centre 8:45 11:00
Hossa E 8:50 11:05
Hossa-Kuusamo Mon-Fri SS
Hossa P (Hossan Lomakeskus) 17:50 18:25
Hossan Luontokeskus 17:55 18:30
Kuusamo (Kelantie) 19:00 19:35

Detailed schedules and tickets at

Kuusamo = Kuusamo city centre (Kelantie, Ervastin aukio squere)

Kuusamo-Hossan luontokeskus Info Buy
Kuusamo-Hossan Lomakeskus Info Buy
Hossan Lomakeskus-Kuusamo Info Buy
Hossan luontokeskus-Kuusamo Info Buy

Ruka-Kuusamon SkiBus 11.11.2022-30.4.2023

SkiBus lines 1 & 2 operate in Ruka area during 11.11.2022-30.4.2023. SkiBus line 3 operates between Ruka village and Kuusamo city centre during 25.11.2022-1.5.2023.

The SkiBus lines 1 and 2 are free of charge in the Ruka area if you have a valid ski pass or you are travelling with skiing or snowboarding gear. 

Sustainability is dear to our hearts, which is why Ruka Ski Resort has compensated the fuel emissions from the SkiBus in the Ruka area since winter season 2019–2020.

From the browser-based Live service one can see the real-time location and running direction of the SkiBus in the Ruka area. 

Please note! Line 3 Kuusamo-Ruka operates as follows until 31.1.2023: Departure for the afternoon route from Kuusamo centre (Citymarket) at 14:55, arrival to Ruka village at 15:40. Departure from Ruka village at 15:40, arrival to Kuusamo centre (Ervasti square) at 16:05.

SkiBus schedule 2022-2023

Check schedules and buy tickets

Tickets for Ruka area SkiBus are easily bought with a mobile phone on Reitit ja liput app (only in Finnish, available in Apple Store and Google Play). Please note: this app only works in mobile phones..

Tickets for Ruka-Kuusamo SkiBus can be purchased on

1: Ruka village - Ruka Valley (Bistron rinne) Info See
1: Ruka Valley (Bistron rinne) - Ruka village Info See
2: Ruka village - Rukan Salonki Info See
2: Rukan Salonki - Ruka village Info See
3: Ruka village - Kuusamo centre Info Buy
3: Kuusamo centre - Ruka village Info Buy

Matkahuolto Buses on Map Matkahuolto Buses on Map shows this route/bus on the map in real time. 

Lammintupa Bus (winter 2022-2023)

The bus runs from Ruka village to Winter Village Lammintupa, which provides adventures that can be either pre-booked or bought non-stop on site. Valid during 23.12.2022-7.1.2023 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (also during Christmas Eve 24.12.) and during 10.1.-31.3.2023 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Prices: 3 €/one way/adult, 2 €/one way/child. Tickets sales in bus only.
Operator: Rukahuolto Oy/Rukabuses, +358 50 5121 233,
Changes are possible.

Ruka village - Lammintupa 23.12-7.1 Tue, Fri, Sat 10.1-31.3 Tue, Fri 23.12-7.1 Tue, Fri, Sat 10.1-31.3 Tue, Fri
Ruka village 9.10 13.00
Royal Ruka 9.12 13.02
Jurmuntie 9.13 13.03
Tahkolanrannantie 9.16 13.06
Lammintupa 9.25 13.15
Lammintupa - Ruka village 23.12-7.1 Tue, Fri, Sat 10.1-31.3 Tue, Fri 23.12-7.1 Tue, Fri, Sat 10.1-31.3 Tue, Fri
Lammintupa 9.25 13.15
Tahkolanrannantie 9.30 13.20
Royal Ruka 9.34 13.24
Ruka village 9.38 13.28

Matkahuolto Buses on Map Matkahuolto Buses on Map shows this route/bus on the map in real time. 

Buses on Map

Ruka-Kuusamo local transportation live on map as follows: 

1: Ruka SkiBus line 1 (Ruka village – Ruka East – Ruka village)
2: Ruka SkiBus line 2 (Ruka village – Ruka West – Ruka village)
3: Ruka-Kuusamo SkiBus line 3 (Ruka village – Kuusamo centre – Ruka village) 
3: Lammintupa Bus (Ruka village – Lammintupa – Ruka village) 
4: Airport Bus (Salla – Ruka village – Kuusamo airport and return)
5: Kemijärvi airport bus (Kemijärvi railway station – Ruka village – Kuusamo centre and return)

Ruka-Kuusamo icon sijainti
Buses on map (in Finnish)

Matkahuolto Buses on Map shows routes/busses on the map in real time. 

Find the right bus with Matkahuolto's online route guide

You can find routes and schedules easily from Matkahuolto's online route guide.

Tickets are easily bought with a mobile phone on Reitit ja liput app (only in Finnish, available in Apple Store and Google Play). Please note: this app only works in mobile phones.


Transportation services:

Kuusamo International Border Station

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Ruka Charter

Rukan Parkkihalli

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Ruka Wash - Self Service Car Wash

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Rukahuolto - car and snowmobile service and repair

Taksikeskus Otaxi Ruka-Kuusamo

Taxi Centre Otaxi Kuusamo


Taxi Centre Otaxi Ruka

Ruka Valley - upea kyläkeskus Valtavaaran kupeessa

Village-2-Valley Scenic Gondola

Think sustainably

We have marked the companies that have gained the Sustainable Travel Finland sustainability certification.

In addition to the environment, the operations of these companies also consider financial and social sustainability, while cherishing traditions, too.

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