Konttainen kesällä. Kuva Teemu Lahtinen.

Arriving to Ruka-Kuusamo

Where to travel in Finland? Kuusamo, of course!

If you are looking for a Finnish holiday destination and haven’t made your mind up yet, we have what you’re looking for: Kuusamo! Ruka is one of the largest ski resorts in Finland, and the entire Ruka-Kuusamo region is one of Finland’s most popular travel destinations all year round.

Sustainable tourism according to a long-term plan

Sustainable tourism is developed in our region systematically and with a long-term plan. We hope that you will also take the principles of sustainable tourism into account on your holiday. We have gathered practical examples and instructions for sustainable tourism. 

Diversity attracts

The secret of our popularity is our diverse offering. We have plenty of activities and tourist attractions for families, unforgettable adventures for those travelling with friends and diverse meeting packages for groups.

We do everything in our power to make sure you have a fun holiday and that everything runs smoothly.

Koskenlaskua Myllykoskella, Kitkajoki, Oulangan kansallispuisto. Kuva Jani Kärppä.
Come whenever it best suits you!

Ruka-Kuusamo has lots to offer all year round. The most popular travelling time is the winter season from October to May, but Kuusamo’s spectacular nature offers stunning scenery also during the snowless season. Enjoying your holiday outside the high season is also a sustainable choice that promotes tourism all year round!

Getting to Kuusamo is easy

You can fly from Helsinki to Kuusamo in a little over an hour. If you decide to drive to Lapland, there are several great routes across Finland that provide splendid scenery. If sustainable travel is close to your heart, you can reach Kuusamo by train and bus.

Getting around Kuusamo easily with local public transport

In the winter, SkiBus operates in the area. It’s free of charge for all customers in the Ruka area with a valid ski pass. National park buses take customers to trails in Oulanka and Hossa National Parks. There is plenty of parking, and taxi services are readily available.

Ruka Valley - upea kyläkeskus Valtavaaran kupeessa
Many active villages and centres

The most extensive offering of tourism services in the area is in Ruka village. Located east of Rukatunturi fell, the new village centre Ruka Valley has been designed especially for skiing families with kids. We also recommend getting to know the services in the centre of Kuusamo , especially the large number of shops.

Everything you could ever dream of for your Lapland holiday

Here, you can sleep well, let someone else worry about what’s for dinner and find functional equipment for activities. We also guarantee you special memories and souvenirs! 

Hotel or holiday cottage?

Or maybe a more unique accommodation solution in nature – there’s plenty to choose from!

Delicacies to suit every taste

We have everything from fine dining to fast food.

Memories from along the way

Equipment for all kinds of outdoor activities and high-quality souvenirs.

Find out more about these too!