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Fresh news about the ski resort, Ruka Park, and Ruka Bike Park.


Ruka's summer season begins – fun for the whole family!

Whether you're an adrenaline-loving adventurer or a nature enthusiast who prefers calmer activities, Ruka offers the best summer fun!

Ruka-ranneke ja kansallishuvipuisto

Latest news:

Ruka-ranneke ja kansallishuvipuisto

Ruka's summer season begins – fun for the whole family!

Alpine coaster Ruka

Ruka's new summer attraction is an alpine coaster – an increase in visitors is expected this year

Harmaa rinne festival in Ruka

Harmaa Rinne returns to Ruka Ski Stadium – early bird tickets for Finland's largest after ski event now on sale!

Kitka MTB Ruka

KITKA mountain biking event is growing next summer - Downhill Mountain Biking Nordic Championships 2024 come to Ruka

Saaruan huipun saunaravintola havainnekuva

The terms and conditions of the Saarua Sauna Restaurant's name competition

Saaruan huipun saunaravintola havainnekuva

The sauna restaurant in Ruka will open already in December 2024 — suggest a name!

Harmaa Rinne festival Ruka

Discover the best festival weather of spring on Ruka's slopes

Ruka Ski Patrol team

Pillars of safety – ski patrol's perspective on safety in the ski resort

Valtavaara Chalets Ruka Finland


Saaruan huipun saunaravintola havainnekuva

A sauna restaurant with breathtaking views will be built on top of Saarua

Ruka Village Ski-Inn

RukaVillage Ski-Inn Hotel & Apartments has been chosen as Finland's Best Boutique Hotel for the year 2023


The Ruka season opened for the 8th time on the preserved snow

Masto Maailman paras perheille


Welcome to Ruka

Experience over 200 days of skiing per year at the coordinates of snow.

Rukan rinteet

More updates from the slopes of Ruka:

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