A winter holiday in Lapland is the highpoint of every winter!

Ice karting, cold water swimming, cross country skiing, ice climbing, reindeer, snowmobiles, huskies, snowshoeing, northern lights and, above all, snow. Loads of it.

Kuusamo has places that sound like tongue twisters, and it has the snowiest winter. Book experiences to liven up your winter holiday now!

The full spectrum of adventures in Ruka-Kuusamo

You can explore the full spectrum of adventures in the area in the section Experiences. 


Find the right activity for you

You can easily check the events and activities available during your holiday from our busy event calendar. You can filter the selection on the basis of your interests.

Stories about winter in Ruka-Kuusamo

Our blog gives you insight on what winter is like in Ruka-Kuusamo.

Winter weekly programme – activities and adventures for every day!

The winter weekly programme includes the top highlights of the diverse activity and adventure offering in Ruka and Kuusamo. The weekly programmes are organised during 1.12.-30.4. Learn about individual activities through the links below. 

Sign up for the adventures in the weekly programme a day in advance by 16:00 unless stated otherwise. Please take into account that events that require snow will only take place when the snow situation permits. Other possible exceptions are marked in the programme. 

We also have free activities for families with kids and sports enthusiasts with the Fun & Games on the Slopes in Ruka during December-April. 

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