Kitka - Ruka Mountain Bike Weekend 2023

The Kitka mountain biking event, a thrilling downhill-focused spectacle, is set to take over Ruka in the last week of July. This unique event offers the charm of speed to racers, amateur riders seeking a weekend adventure, and the public eager to witness the excitement. And what's a weekend without a proper closing party? Join us for an entertaining weekend you won't forget!
24.7.2024 - 27.7.2024
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PUSS CAMP 24.25.7.

Puss Camp organizes good-natured and encouraging training camps and events for drivers of all levels. Over the years, hundreds of riders, from school children to experienced racers, have participated in Puss Camp's training and events. Training tickets are on sale!

You can find all the additional information about the camp here.


In the Downhill race, we compete again for the championships, this time for the Nordic championships! The DH track on the front slopes of Ruka has proven to be an excellent race venue, and the Kitka DH race has become the sport's top event of the season. The Nordic championship races were last organized a while ago, so we boldly set out to meet the demand and welcome international riders to participate in this unique event!

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A tickling new concept that measures both drivers and bike choices.

There are five special stages in the race, including downhill and uphill riding and a sprint stage. Each driver chooses the bike model himself, but the race must be run on the same bike.

In this race, the overall competition winner and the best riders of each special stage will be awarded.


The crown of the last day of Kitka is the long jump and whip-off session—send it!! And a great race week will be stomped to its worthy conclusion to the rhythm of live music and DJ's offering bangers!


Riders of all levels and ages can ride and experience something during the event. In addition to the Bike Park tracks, there is a pump track and enduro and XC routes. Please get to know Ruka Bike Park and its services by following the social media channels at the bottom of the page.

The schedule and more detailed program info will be updated soon - stay tuned!


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