Lumikenkäilijä kuutamossa tykkylumipuiden keskellä, Eeva Mäkinen, Ruka-Kuusamo

Polar night

Unforgettable polar night in the white snow of Ruka-Kuusamo 

The polar night refers to the midwinter period when the sun does not rise at all. Kuusamo does not get a full polar night because, in December, there are approximately three hours of daylight and around five hours in January and November. However, the sun is so low during these months that there is only a little sunlight and that’s only for a few hours a day. 

Even though there isn’t much daylight, the white snow cover makes winter in Kuusamo surprisingly bright. In Ruka, the slopes are lit in the morning and evening, and light is often reflected from the clouds and snow so that the slopes are virtually bathed in light. Ruka and Kuusamo also have plenty of lit ski trails, which means you can enjoy cross country skiing from morning to night. 

During the polar night, the slopes and ski trails are not crowded and you don’t have to queue for adventures. Travelling during quieter times is more relaxed, which guarantees a nice holiday experience. It’s also a sustainable choice that promotes tourism all year round. 

Polar Night Light Festival

In January–February, the polar night is lit up in Ruka with the stunning Polar Night Light festival.

Ice hockey livens up the polar night in Ruka

The largest amateur outdoor ice hockey tournament is Europe adds kick to the winter. Gather your team on ice or come and cheer on the teams by the rink – whichever you choose, we guarantee it will get your heart rate going!

Rukan Pipolätkä - Euroopan suurin pipolätkäturnaus, Ruka-Kuusamo
The polar night is the time for the northern lights

January and February are the best times for spotting the northern lights. On clear nights with low temperatures, dress up warmly and lift your gaze to the northern sky.

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