Magical Pondin talvimaisemaa

Special accommodation


Is your choice an igloo with a glass roof or a floating hotel room?

The Ruka-Kuusamo region also provides more exotic accommodation. Igloos with glass walls or roofs and the floating AuroraHuts make it possible for you to admire the Midnight sun in Kuusamo’s wonderful forest scenery. In the winter, the northern lights and the starry sky are so close you can almost reach out and touch them. 

Sustainable choices

Our accommodation providers that emphasise wellness and beauty derived from nature have invested especially in sustainable choices in construction materials and interior design as well as heating and energy solutions. The aim is to ensure that the nature surrounding the accommodation remains as untouched as possible.

Iisakki Glass Village on upea majoituskohde revontulien ihailuun

Check out our variety of special accommodation: 

Iisakki Villagen Papin Talo

Iisakki Village Accommodation

Special accommodation

Isokenkäisten Klubi

Special accommodation


Special accommodation

Magical Pond

Special accommodation
Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki

Oivanki Outdoor Ecucation Centre

Special accommodation

Ruka Caravan – Rukan vaunualue   

Special accommodation
Think sustainably

We have marked the companies that have gained the Sustainable Travel Finland sustainability certification.

In addition to the environment, the operations of these companies also consider financial and social sustainability, while cherishing traditions, too.

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