Getting around

Getting around Kuusamo is easy

Local public transport works well especially in the Ruka area. When staying in Ruka village, you won’t need a car because all the services are conveniently within walking distance.

Smooth bus connections

All scheduled flights arriving at Kuusamo have an airport bus transport to Ruka. From Ruka village, you can take a bus to Kuusamo city centre or the national parks in the area.

Easy and fast taxi transport

Taxis in Ruka-Kuusamo serve you 24/7. In the summer, you can also choose the popular shared taxi (“kimppataksi” in Finnish) to Karhunkierros Trail.

Reach Kuusamo’s national parks conveniently by bus

You can find routes and schedules easily from Matkahuolto's online route guide.

Tickets are easily bought with a mobile phone on Reitit ja liput app (only in Finnish, available in Apple Store and Google Play). Please note: this app only works in mobile phones.


Find out more about these:

More information about arriving to Ruka-Kuusamo is available in section Getting here.

Transportation service providers: 

Kuusamo International Border Station

Pohjolan Matka

Pohjolan Matka Busses


Ruka Buses

Ruka Charter   

Ruka Charter

Rukan Parkkihalli

Ruka Parking

Rukan Taksipalvelu palvelee matkailjoita ympäri Kuusamoa

Ruka Taxi Service

Ruka Travels

Ruka Travels

Taksikeskus Otaxi Ruka-Kuusamo

Taxi Centre Otaxi Kuusamo


Taxi Centre Otaxi Ruka

Ruka Valley - upea kyläkeskus Valtavaaran kupeessa

Village-2-Valley Scenic Gondola

Think sustainably

We have marked the companies that have gained the Sustainable Travel Finland sustainability certification. 

In addition to the environment, the operations of these companies also consider financial and social sustainability, while cherishing traditions, too.

Vastuullisuus Ruka-Kuusamossa

Frequently Asked Questions related to transportation:

Can I manage in Ruka without my own car?
In general, you can get by in Ruka without your own car, as local transportation in the Ruka area is efficient. For more information, visit the Buses page. If you plan to travel from Ruka village to places like national parks, we recommend checking in advance if there are bus connections to your destination. Shared taxis are also a viable option!

Is there a car rental service in Ruka?
As far as we know, there are no specific car rental services in Ruka, but you can rent a Landrover Defender in Ruka village. Additionally, Kuusamo Airport offers car rental services.

Is there an auto repair shop in Ruka?
Ruka has an auto repair shop called Rukahuolto. Furthermore, Kuusamo city centre has a comprehensive selection of car repair services, including authorized service centers.

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