Ruka-Kuusamossa on runsas ja hyväkuntoinen latuverkosto

Cross country ski trails

240 km of free ski trails

Kuusamo has approximately 240 km of ski trails maintained by the town, of which 40 km are lit.

Kuusamo centre has around 38 km of ski trails. The Ruka area has approximately 125 km of ski trails to enjoy, of which 23 km are lit. In late winter, 77 km of different connection ski trails are opened.

All ski trails in Ruka and Kuusamo are free of charge; most ski trails are suitable for Nordic and skating styles. On lit ski trails, lights are on every day from 7:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening. 

Ruka’s free ski trail map and Kuusamo’s free ski trail map are distributed from Ruka Info, Kuusamo Info and hotel receptions.

Updates on Ruka-Kuusamo ski trails during winter 2022-2023

Welcome to Ruka First Snow Ski Trail from Friday 14.10.2022 at 10.00 onwards! 
Ruka First Snow Ski Trail is opened on stored snow in Ruka Ski Stadium FIS 5km ski trail along Talvijärvi shoreline from the smaller ski jump towards the crossroads of Rukatunturintie and Talvijärventie roads. Ski trail is appr. 1 km long to one direction. Ski styles: Nordic, skating. Ski trail is lit daily during 7.00-21.00. 

Grooming: Ruka’s groomed ski trails +358 (0)400 328 055.
Feedback on ski trails: 

Ski trail map online

The first snow ski trails are opened with preserved snow

The first snow ski trails open on preserved snow in October, if possible, and more snow is added to ski trails right after the temperatures reach about –5 °C. The Saarua lit ski trail (12 km), located in Ruka, is opened for skiing right after first snow, even with a little snow on the ground, weather permitting.

Ski trail network open according to snow situation and temperatures

Ski trails are opened when the snow and ice situation allows, which means as soon as there is enough natural snow and ice on lakes that can carry a snow groomer. Similarly, ski trails are closed in the spring when lack of snow, water on frozen lakes or weak ice situation prevent grooming.

Maastohiihtäjä, Ruka-Kuusamo
Get to know the ski trail map and trail markings

Skiing styles: Nordic and skating. Difficulty levels in the free printed ski trail map: Blue = easy, red = medium, black = difficult.

Ski trails also suitable for kids include the Talvijärvi ski trail and Vuosseli ski trail in Ruka as well as all ski trails in the proximity of Kuusamo centre.

Walking allowed on certain ski trails

Walking is allowed in Kuusamo centre on the edge of the Ympäryslatu circular ski trail along the route Kolvankijoki bridge – Sports centre – Kirkkosaari bridge – Tolpanniementie.

Walking is allowed in Ruka also on the Talvijärvi dog trail if the dog trail runs as a separate ski trail next to the actual ski trail tracks.

These ski trail sections have clear signs regarding walking on the trail.

Koirahiihtoa Ruka-Kuusamossa

Ski trail maintenance schedule:

Ruka area

  • Ruka Ski Stadium FIS ski trails
  • Saarua lit trail
  • Ruka circular trail
  • Talvijärvi dog skiing trail
  • Vuosseli ski trail
  • Valtavaara ski trail
  • Pyhävaara ski trail
  • Kuontivaara ski trail
  • Kivilampi ski trail

Ruka area ski trails are groomed within 12 hours of snowfall ending and every day from 20 February to 15 April, according to snow conditions and weather. 

The Saarua lit trail, Ruka’s circular trail and the 5 km ski trail at Ruka Ski Stadium is groomed every day from 20 December to 6 January; in addition, on days with snowfall, Ruka’s circular trail is groomed twice (in the morning and the afternoon). 

Other trails are groomed later in the week, usually on Thursday or Friday. If snowfall is predicted, ski trails are only groomed after snowfall has ended. Ski trails are primarily maintained until 30 April for as long as night temperatures are below zero. 

Ice conditions permitting, the Alakylä ski trail is groomed 4–5 times a week, within 12 hours from the end of snowfall.  

Check the opening hours and condition of ski trails from the online service before setting off to ski!  

Oulanka National Park Wilderness Trail

Medium difficulty, 26 km. Kiutaköngäs–Juuma. Can be travelled on snowshoes, bike or skis.

The trail is groomed once a week with a snowmobile and has a ski track for Nordic style skiers. Maintenance of the trail has been ended for the winter 2021-2022. More details on Facebook page Karhunkierros

Karhunkierros Wilderness Trail

Karhunkierros Wilderness Trail 50 km consists of four sections: 

  • Ruka-Valtavaara-Virkkula, 10 km of maintained ski trail (Nordic and skating styles, snowshoeing and cycling not permitted).
  • Virkkula-Juuma, 14 km ski trail (snowshoeing and cycling permitted next to the ski track). 
  • Juuma-Kiutaköngäs (Oulanka Wilderness Trail), 26 km (snowshoeing and cycling also permitted). 
  • Suorajärvi ski trail, 10 km of maintained ski trail (Nordic and skating styles, snowshoeing and cycling not permitted).

The Juuma-Kiutaköngäs section of the Wilderness Trail, or the so-called Oulanka Wilderness Trail, is maintained from February to April, additional information: Oulanka Visitor Centre: +358 (0)206 39 6850. Other sections are maintained when snow conditions permit from the Polar night to spring.

More information on Karhunkierros Wilderness Trail is available in Finnish on public Facebook group Karhunkierroksen erämaalatu.

karhunkierros Wilderness Trail (pdf)

Lit ski trails in Kuusamo’s villages

  • Kemilä
  • Kurkijärvi
  • Käylä
  • Maaselkä
  • Oivanki Youth Centre: lit at 17-20 not lit when temperature is below -18 C
  • Poussu
  • Puutteenkylä (groomed in springtime only)
  • Sossonniemi
  • Vasaraperä
  • Vuotunki

Local organisations are responsible for ski trail maintenance and grooming. Trails are groomed with a snowmobile equipped with a snow groomer. Ski style varies from village to village (Nordic, skating or both). 

Ski trails leading from marked trails to cottage areas are maintained by property owners.

Trails in further villages and trails maintained by private individuals: If you groom a ski trail, let Ruka Info know and your ski trail will be added on this website.

Ski trails of Ruka area on Outdooractive map application

If you wish to use map application when on ski trail, we recommend you to visit beforehand. You can find much more information about each ski trail from Outdooractive map. 

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