Juhannuskallio kevätlumilla


Spring break calls for white powdery snow!

Pack your ski gear and don’t forget your sunglasses, because the best spring breaks are enjoyed among the pure white snow of Ruka-Kuusamo. 

You can enjoy winter on the slopes without your fingers freezing and soak up the spring sun. On the ski trails, you can enjoy great gliding. In the morning, the snow cover is hard enough to ski on, which means you can enjoy cross country skiing wherever you want. 

Skiing on Ruka Slopes until May

The slopes are guaranteed to have snow right up until the last skiing day. Spring skiing isn’t a strain on your pocket because Ski Cheaper prices are valid in May.

Cross-country ski trails groomed until late April

Ski trails in Ruka-Kuusamo are groomed until late April, depending on the snow and ice situation, naturally. Sometimes, there’s still plenty of snow in May, and subzero temperatures over night harden the snow cover, making it perfect for cross country skiing.

Maastohiihtoa Kuusamossa
Spring excursions to national parks

The majority of Ruka-Kuusamo hiking trails are accessible all year round. When the snow is soft, come prepared with snowshoes so you don’t sink in the snow. Towards the end of May, we recommend checking the condition of the trails and picking the correct shoes before heading out.

Myllykoski, Pieni Karhunkierros, kuva Salla Karhumaa
The winter weekly programme is available until the end of April

Activities organised on snow and ice are available according to the snow situation. We also have indoor sauna experiences as well as adventures that can be enjoyed throughout the year, such as river floating.

From midseason to summer

As night temperatures no longer dip below zero, the midseason starts, the halfway point between winter and summer, which is definitely a better season that generally considered. You can easily head down hiking trails in hiking boots or wellies.

Even though the scenery may not be at its absolute best, the atmosphere of the arriving spring is unique, and you are guaranteed to enjoy the forests in peace!