Ruka Parking Hall

Park your car comfortably indoors!

Semi-warm parking hall is available for all visitors in Ruka. There is an indoor access to Shopping Centre Kumpare, RukaSuites and Hotel RukaVillage as well as entrance to the slopes nearby Piste and Rukahovi. 

  • Access with cars 24 h year round. 
  • Access by foot at 7-22, on Friday at 7-24.
  • Parking fees: 1,5 € / hour and 15 € / 24h. Pay by cash, Visa, EuroCard or MasterCard. 
  • ​Drive in/out: Rukatunturintie and Rukankyläntie. Access to hall by foot: Doors P1 (Shopping Centre) and P2 (Slopes) as well as Rukankyläntie drive-in entrance. 
  • Maximum height: 2,4 m (adequate for a high car and ski box). No trailers. Other limitations are visible at drive-ins.
  • Parking hall will be full on the busiest times (New Year, Finnish Ski Holiday weeks 8-10, Easter). Please note: There must be at least 10 vacant places in order to allow the check in for new guests. 

Staying longer and using the car during the stay

You can choose the length of the parking time: Drive into the parking hall, take the ticket at the entrance and go to the payment machine to define the length of your stay and pay the ticket. After this you can drive in and out of the parking hall in between the stay you've chosen.

The long-term parking ticket is 15€/24h.

This is how you pay the long-term ticket:

  1. Press long-term ticket button next to cashier monitor.
  2. Press parking ticket to cashier.
  3. Press long-term button.
  4. Choose how many day ticket you want to pay and use the buttons next to monitor. After that press "choose" button.
  5. Pay the long-term ticket (15€/24h), you can have receipt pressing "receipt" button next to monitor.
  6. The cashier gives you a new ticket and receipt to the locker of cashier.
  7. Remember to always use your ticket when driving in to/out of the parking hall. Don't press the button in the barrier, only push the ticket to the machine.

Parking hall operations: Kuusamon kaupunki, Yhdyskuntatekniikan toimiala, Kaiterantie 22 (City of Kuusamo, Community Engineering). In problem situations, you will find a telephone service at the vending machines.

Electric cars


There are nine charging stations for electric cars in Ruka Parking Hall. Five of them are located in the bigger main hall of the parking hall, and four of them are in the smaller hall.

The five charging stations located in the main hall are used with VIRTA -mobile app. Check the charging cost from VIRTA - website or from their mobile application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store for free.

To charge the car in the smaller hall, you need eChargie application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store for free. Check the charging cost from eChargie -website or application.

You need to also pay parking fee for the Parking Hall (1,5 €/h or 15 €/24h). More charging stations for electric cars are listed on page Parking.

Other parking places

There are appr. 30 parking spots in front of Kumpare Shopping Centre, parking time limited to 1 hour. Find out more on our page Parking.