Winter biking

Mountain biking is fun in the winter, too!

The oversized tyres of fatbikes make cycling possible also in winter conditions on designated trails. You’ll pedal even lighter if you choose a fatbike with electric assistance, more commonly called an e-fatbike. 

News about winter bike trails 

Winter bike trails will be opened for winter 2022-2023 as soon as the snow conditions allow.

  • Pyhän Jyssäys Fatbike and Winter Hiking Trail: No maintenance, available for hikers and bikers all year round.
  • Hirsilampi Fatbike Trail: Trail is open.
  • Lammintupa Fatbike and Winter Hiking Trail: Trail is open.
  • Antinperä Fatbike Trail: Trail is open.
  • Oulanka Wilderness Trail for hikers and fatbikes: Opening goal is in mid-February.
  • Riisitunturi fatbike trail: Trail is open. Maintained 1-2 times a week, depending on the weather.

Winter fatbiking trails

Winter bike trail etiquette

At the start of the season, the trails are still somewhat soft, even after repairs, and can only be cycled with wide tyres and low tyre pressure (so-called soft tyres).

As the trails harden with use, they can be ridden on after some snowfall also with harder tyres.

After heavy snowfall, the trails can be ridden only with low tyre pressure, even after the repairs. Take into account any possible trail-specific instructions and comply with them!

If the trail is a so-called multipurpose trail (winter biking and snowshoeing), stick to the right-hand side. On winding sections with many turns, bikers are recommended to maintain a pace with which it’s possible to overtake others in case someone comes along. 

Winter biking is increasing in popularity, and new trails are being built to meet the increased demand. Remember to stay on trails that are designed for bikes, and be considerate when sharing a trail. Cycling on ski trails is not permitted.

Fatbike or e-fatbike hire and guided fatbiking trips

There are many high-quality bike hire companies and rentals in the Ruka-Kuusamo region that can provide you a fatbike, with electric assistance or “organic”. Get to know the bike selection and book yours well in advance. Some bikes can be rented online, some by calling the bike hire company directly. 


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