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Health & safety

Travel safely in Ruka-Kuusamo

Tourism operators in Ruka-Kuusamo always act in accordance with their values, responsibly and working together. We will ensure that the area is safe to travel and that here it is safe to be. Please help us, travel responsibly and follow health and safety guidelines. Welcome!

The aim of this page is to ensure that your trip to Ruka-Kuusamo is as safe and successful as possible.

We all have a role in safety

We do our best that it's safe to travel to our destination. Please remember your own responsibility as a client to to follow the safety instructions.

Emergency phone number in Finland is 112. If your life, health, property, or environment is in danger, don’t hesitate to make the call. Dial this number immediately to reach medics, firefighters, and police.

We recommend you to download the 112 Suomi app to your phone, and make an emergency call through it, delivering also you location details. When using this app, you may receive public safety alerts on your phone based on your whereabouts.

More information about health and safety in Finland is also available on

When planning your trip

When choosing your accommodation, we recommend you to choose such a service provider who is paying attention to safety and quality. Most sustainability sertificates include assessment on safety, so choosing a sertified service provider is a smart move! 

Take a look at our instructions regardind sustainable tourism. Besides guiding you in saving the resource, they instruct you to behave in a safe and sound manner.

If you buy services online, choose a service provider who has put effort on safe online shopping. 

Make sure you insurance is up to date before taking off.

t’s always a good idea to let your loved ones know about your travel plans, especially if you’ll be out in nature.

Pack along a small first aid kit as well as a torch or headlamp. If you have an illness that requires constant medication, pack along a bit of extra medicine in case of a delayed return home.

Take some cash (in Euros) with you to make sure you can pay during possible power cuts (in case shops are open). 

Arriving by car

Finland is a nice country to explore by car. Finnish roads are in good condition and most people follow the traffic rules. Traffic jams are rare. Pedestrians and cyclists are recommended to use sidewalks whenever they are provided.

In the winter, cars must have special winter tyres and even then slippery road surfaces and frequent snowfall require you to be careful and adjust your speed according to weather conditions.

Be careful when driving in Finland, especially if you see a warning sign about moose, deer or reindeer. Animals are most active during dusk and dawn, but they can cross the road unexpectedly at any time of the day. If you see a warning sign, adjust your speed and keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. 

If you encounter a car crash, you should always check that no lives are in danger. Call 112 if needed (preferrably using 112 app). 

The blood-alcohol limit for drunk driving is 0,05% in Finland. Please don’t drink and drive.

Safety in accommodation

Read through safety instructions in your hotel room, apartment or cottage. Find out the exit routes and gathering spots. Make sure the smoke detector in functioning. Find out if there are fire extinguishers or extinguishing blankets at use.

Remind your group about issues mentioned above. Make sure everyone knows the name and location (country/resort) of the hotel/apartment/cottage.

In case of possible power cuts, check whether candles and matches are available. If accommodated in a hotel, check instructions at the reception. Use common sense and precaution when using the stove, sauna, candles and fireplace.

If traveling with small children or pets, make sure they do not have access to anything that might be a health risk for them.

Take precautions and use common sense

Dress appropriately for the season and check the weather forecast before you go. If there's a storm in the way, be prepared for power and water cuts - just like at home. 

Remember to also take a fully charged mobile phone with you. A portable power bank might be needed during the cold months when your phone may run out of battery quicker than usual. Make sure everyone knows what to do in case they get lost.  

There's no reason to purchase bottled water, since Finnish tap water is both clean and delicious! By using refillable water bottles you save both money and environment. 

Finnish restaurants are clean and the risk for food poisoning is very low especially when you take care of good hand hygiene. 

Safe hiking

When going hiking, consider your group’s experience, comfort, and skill level. Let someone know about your plans. Make sure everyone has 112 app in their mobile phones. And remember: taking a guided tour is an easy way to stay safe. 

Make sure your group knows how to use map apps. Don’t count on digital devices alone – carry a paper map and compass with you and ensure you know how to use them.

Dress accordingly, take some warm clothes, a torch or a headlamp. a first aid kit and something to drink with you. It's a lot nicer to have a break along the way when you have proper clothing with you. 

If you think you might be lost, stop, assess the situation and call 112 (by using the 112 app) before you run out of daylight and mobile phone battery! 

Be prepared for winter conditions

Sidewalk for pedestrians and cyclists - signWhen hiking during winter, make sure you have snowshoes and warm clothes with you. Pedestrians and cyclists are recommended to use sidewalks whenever they are provided. Winter hiking trails are presented in our Ruka-Kuusamo Winter Map, represented on page Maps & brochures and available for free in tourist infos and hotel receptions. We also recommend to use reflecting accessories during winter, since the hours of daylight are rather short.

There's an avalanche risk on certain areas in Valtavaara and Konttainen hills. When planning to go snowshoeing, freeskiing or snowboarding on those areas outside marked trails, find out the exact location of the avalanche risk areas and get equipped accordingly. Finnish Meteorological Institute updates avalance forecast for Ruka area

Also note: when the weather warms up rapidly during winter, heavy snowloads may be falling of roofs and big trees.  

Slope safety at Ruka Ski Resort

On the slopes, everyone is responsible for slope safety. By following the slope safety rules, everyone enjoys and feels safe. Ski Patrol operates on Ruka's ski slopes and their job is to take care of the slope safety. They move with snowmobiles and rescue sleds or on skis. Ski Patrols are easy to identify with their red-yellow uniform.

If there is an accident on the slope and first aid is needed on site, report the accident to the lift personnel by calling +358 040 4818 900 or the information +358 40 689 6802. Ski Patrol and first aid will guide the injured person to further treatment if necessary. Please note: Ski Patrol only operates on accidents on slope area - on other areas please call 112 (preferably by using the 112 app).

in case of a power cut, chairlifts and Village-2-Valley Scenery Gondola will be operated by an auxiliary engine until all guests have exited the lifts.

In case of accident or illness

Life-threatening accidents or illnesses

In case of a life-threatening accident or illness, please call 112 (preferably by using the 112 app). 

If rescuscitation is needed, the nearest defibrillators are listed in the 112 app and on page Defibrillators are located in Ruka village at least in the following locations: Ruka Info, Ruka Doctor Service (Bene Finlandia) and Scandic Rukahov. There is also one defibrillator at the maintenace buidling of Ruka Ski Resort in Vuosseli slope area (Ruka East).

Other accidents or illnesses

The nearest public health care centre is located in Kuusamo centre. Please note: The services of the public health care are assessed according to the amount of the permanent residents in the area. In case your condition does not require acute treatment, please be prepared to queue.

If you have a health insurance that covers treatment and examinations, we recommend to use private health care services. Ruka Doctor Service in Ruka village is available during winter season (operated by Lääkäripalvelu Bene Finlandia). 

There is no pharmacy in Ruka, so prescription drugs can be obtained from pharmacies in Kuusamo centre. Ruka Info in Shopping Centre Kumpare and Rukan Sale grocery store have pharmacy service points where you can buy most common self-care medicines and bandages. You can also order prescription medicines through the Pharmacy Service Point at Ruka Info.

Coronavirus infections

The emergency care at Kuusamo Health Centre serves guests in matters related to the coronavirus. 

Current information about coronavirus and travelling to Finland by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Guidelines for travelers by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Recommendations and restrictions in force in Northern Ostrobothnia by the local health authorities

Be prepared for power and water cuts too!

If possible, prepare for power and water outages in the same way as at home.

If we receive advance information about a power outage, we will inform you in advance on the front page and in more detail on this Health & Safety page.

Caruna is in charge of electricity distribution in Kuusamo area. Caruna's eletricity outages map gives you an estimate of the duration of the power cut. 

Outages map

In the event of a power outage in the Ruka area, the following occurs:

  • The electricity is cut off in the entire Ruka area or only in a part of the area.
  • All the lights go out, so it gets dark indoors.
  • Water and heating are cut off in Ruka area. According to the current instructions, toilets may not be used at all during a power outage in Ruka area. Water shall not be discharged into the sewer network either.
  • You cannot enter or leave the parking hall by car until the property maintenance of the city of Kuusamo arrives from the centre of Kuusamo to start the backup power generator.

The following services work even during a power outage:

  • Ruka Ski Resort: Chairlifts and the Village-2-Valley scenic gondola will be emptied with the help of auxiliary motors.
  • Local buses will continue to operate according to their normal schedule (including statutory breaks). Congestion can be expected at the lower stations of the lifts, in Ruka village and Ruka Valley, as guests make their way from the slopes to their accommodation.
  • At Kuusamo airport, backup power generators are available in the event of a power outage. The focus of the operation is on ensuring the safety of air traffic, i.e. incoming and outgoing flights are taken care of. Otherwise, efforts are made to maintain the operation of the airport to the extent that it is possible in each situation.
  • Restaurant Rukan Kuksa serves normally (with the help of a backup power generator).
  • Restaurant Zone is open, serving salads and bottled drinks (payments by cash only).

More information: 

Ruka Info - Tourist information: +358 40 689 6802,