Talvipyöräilyä Ruka-Kuusamossa

New at Ruka-Kuusamo

Ruka-Kuusamo is growing and developing

Check out the upcoming renovations in the Ruka-Kuusamo area and enjoy the new services on your next holiday. Welcome to experience the developing Ruka-Kuusamo!

New slopes and lifts for winter season 2022-2023

For the first time in its history, Ruka crossed the important limit of a half a million skiing days in the winter season 2021-2022. New slopes and lifts are being built to assure Ruka remains an interesting holiday resort for international guests.

Vuosseli family area has two new slopes and two new lifts

Vuosseli slope area for families has been renewed in many ways. The profile of the slopes has been improved. Poma platter lift has been replaced with a T-bar (length 400 meters, capacity 1200 persons per hour). Bistro platter lift has been replaced with a new platter lift (length 350 meters, capacity 750 persons per hour). 

We will build a new snow park for beginners: Mini Ruka and Ruka Park Junior. Give a go for these two versatile lines with press boxes and jumps of all kinds!

The scale of this investment is 1,5 million euros. 

Ruka Vuosselin rinteet

New services in Ruka-Kuusamo

The variety of adventures is constantly developing in Ruka-Kuusamo. Also new, interesting accommodation services are opened all the time.

Three new restaurants opening at Ruka area

A new private restaurant Kataja opened in igloo village Magical Pond on on November. Check out the menu and book a delicious dinner!

Tasters of Italian flavors are now available with the opening of Ristorante il Gufo at the base of Vuosseli slope area and Vespino in Ruka village.

Also Restaurant Piste has gone through renovation in autumn 2022.

Tilausravintola Kataja, Magical Pond
New Nature & Adventure Park by Rukapalvelu

Rukapalvelu opens a new adventure park in Pohjanseita Wilderness Camp, available on Wednesdays at 9.00 from 4.1.2023 onwards. Park adventures include huskies, reindeer and snowmobile riding for kids. Duration 3,5-4 hours, prices: 149 €/adults, 119 €/kids 3-11 years.  

Rukapalvelu huskyt
Tourism and Culture Centre Karhuntassu will be opened on 16.1.2023

History and culture of Kuusamo area are presented in exhibitions in Karhuntassu. No entrance fee on the opening day!

Matkailu- ja kulttuurikeskus Karhuntassu, kuva: Keijo Lehtimäki
Self-service laundry at Ruka village and Ruka Valley

There is a self-service laundry at the receptions of Ski-Inn Hotel RukaVillage and Ski-Inn Hotel RukaValley, operating on a walk-in basis (no advance reservations). RukaVillage has 2 washing machines and RukaValley has 3 washing machines. The price of self-service washing is 8 €/wash/machine, detergent 1 €/capsule.

Ruka Valley - upea kyläkeskus Valtavaaran kupeessa
Hairdresser services in Ruka village

Barbershop services are available in Ruka village, as the HairWeAre salon opened in the premises of Day Spa Ruka Beauty & Wellness in autumn 2022.

The most versatile Bike Park in the north is developing all the time!

Ruka Bike Park offers both beginner-friendly and more challenging built-in flow trails, as well as path-like technical trails. Bike washing areas, e-bike charging stations and other services for bikers, as well as new mountain biking trails are being developed.

Ruka Bike Park usually opens mid-June (snow conditions allowing). There are three lifts in use for bikers: Village-2-Valley gondola, Village Express chair lift and Vuosselin Kulma anchor lift.

New trails in Ruka Bike Park during summer 2022

Summer 2022 saw the opening of one new blue flowtrail in Vuosseli area, one new blue flow trail in Ahonlaita area and one red flow trail in Kelo area. In addition, there was one new red technical trail (enduro) in Masto area and an easy green trail from the top of Ruka to Ruka village.

Ruka Bike Park
New bike washing areas and e-bike charging stations

In addition to Piste and RukaValley, bikes can be washed free of charge in the summer in the yard of Hard Trek Café and indoors all year round in the Ruka Wash self-service washing area (additional cost).

A free charging point for e-bikes can be found in the village of Ruka at the foot of the Tykky Scenery Tower. Bikes can also be charged at Hard Trek Café (additional cost, only Shimano chargers).

New bike hire places

Kuusamo Safaris offers now both e-bikes for hire and guided trips in Ruka area on e-bikes on Mondays at 10. 

Ruka Bikes has moved from Ruka village to Rukahuolto premiseses in Rukanportti area (Rukariutta/Riutanpää). 

There's  also a new e-fatbike hire in Vuosseli area. Ruka Trek operates in the premises of Hard Trek Café. You can even have your rental bike delivered to your holiday home!

Sähköpyöräsafari Kuusamo Safariksen matkassa

New/renovated hiking trails and the 41st National Park in Finland

There are plenty of hiking trails in the Ruka-Kuusamo area, some of which are the responsibility of Metsähallitus and some of the city of Kuusamo.

Both actors are constantly renewing the structures of the hiking trails, of course according to the available resources. Renovations focus on accessibility and sustainability. 

Opening of Salla National Park on 11.6.2022

The newest national Park in Finland, Salla National Park, was opened in June 2022. It is the 41st national park in Finland. Please note that there will be several renovation projects in Salla area during autumn 2022. 

Sallan kansallispuisto kuva Juha Paso
Change of route in Valtavaara

Karhunkierros Trail and Valtavaaran huiputus Trail have now been re-routed. The new route is shown with red color in Retkikartta map. 

Nainen ja koira Valtavaaralla
Change of route in Iivaara (Iirinki)

Iirinki Trail have now been re-routed. The new trail is 10,2 km long and the starting point is Rajalampi pond parking area. The renewed trail is described in writing on Nationalparks.fi website and in Retkikartta.fi. 

Iirinki iivaara