Try something new

Ruka-Kuusamo always has something new to experience and see

Many visitors to Ruka-Kuusamo are pleasantly surprised by all the fun activities and adventures that a holiday in Finland offers. Finnish holiday destinations are adventure treasure troves! 

Traditional summer favourites include hiking trails in spectacular scenery and action-packed rafting on the Kitkajoki river. But there's so much more to see and experience!

New: Ruka Zipline

At 364 metres, Ruka Zipline is the longest unbroken zipline in Finland, offering thrilling excitement all year round. You can glide alone or with a friend. Safety is always our top priority.

Ruka Zipline
New: Lappis Water Park

In the Kaltiolampi water park located in the vicinity of Ruka village, water dogs of all ages can enjoy the fun and challenging tracks. Safety is always a first priority, and all park visitors are equipped with float vests.