Christmas at Ruka-Kuusamo 2022

Enjoy memorable winter experiences and a traditional Finnish Christmas at Ruka-Kuusamo, in Winter Wonderland in the middle of pure white piles of snow!

Here you will find a genuine Christmas spirit and relax in the middle of a pure white snowy landscape.
22.12.2022 - 27.12.2022
Ruka slopes, Ruka village and the stunning nature of Kuusamo
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Enjoying the snow at Christmas

Christmas time at Ruka-Kuusamo is all about being active with friends and family, the snowy fell landscape and the delicacies of the local restaurants. With the local adventure companies you can hop on a husky or reindeer ride, try ice fishing, fetch a Christmas tree or bake gingerbread cookies with Santa.

Christmas is complete with a delicious meal cooked by local restaurants using local game, reindeer, fish, berries and mushrooms from the nearby forests.  

Christmas program includes Christmas dinners at restaurants. You can also pick up or order food directly at your accommodation. 

Slopes opening hours at Christmas:
Tu 20.12. at 9.30-19.00
Wed 21.12. at 9.30-19.00
Thu 22.12. at 9.30-19.00
Fri 23.12. at 9.30-23.00
Sat24.12. at 9.30-14.00
Sun 25.12. at 11.15-19.00
Mon 26.12. at 9.30-19.00

Gondola opening hours at Christmas:
Tu 20.12. at 9.30-23.00
Wed 21.12. at 9.30-23.00
Thu 22.12. at 9.30-23.00
Fri 23.12. at 9.30-23.00
Sat 24.12. at 9.30-14.00
Sun 25.12. at 11.15-23.00
Mon 26.12. at 9.30-23.00
Check out all opening hours of the lifts! 

Please follow the safety instructions and act in a responsible way when moving aroun in the area. 

We reserve the right for changes.