Christmas Carols at Ruka Conference Centre

Welcome to sing along Finnish Christmas carols at Ruka Conference Centre on Saturday 23.12.2023.

There are two sessions, first one starts at 17.00 and second starts at 18.30. Duration appr. 1 h/session. No entrance fee. Most of the songs are in Finnish but we also sing a couple of songs in English.
23.12.2023 - 23.12.2023 17:00 - 19:30
Scandic Rukahovi Conference Centre

Rukankyläntie 15
93830 Rukatunturi

Music Free of charge Kids & Youth
Nuotteja jouluisen tunnelman kera. Kuva on tuotettu tekoälyllä.

Entrance at the main door of Scandic Rukahovi Conference Centre. Seats for 220 participants/session. No pre-bookings. Welcome!