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Ruka ski passes

You can buy lift tickets and season passes from our online store and avoid possible queues at sales point. If you have your own KeyCard, you can purchase the ticket directly on the card, or you can buy the KeyCard together with the ticket and retrieve it from our ticket machines.

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Ski pass price list 2022–2023

Welcome to the slopes! You can buy the following types of tickets in our online store: 3-hour lift ticket and 1-14 day lift tickets, Family tickets, season passes and company season passes. Season passes bought online must always be redeemed at the ticket office.

Pedestrian tickets and single lift ride tickets can be purchased from ticket machines and our ticket offices. The tickets that can only be bought at ticket offices are Family Park tickets, Beginner's day ticket (including Family Park area ticket and gondola day ticket) and snow racing tickets.

All our ticket types are can be bought at our ticket offices in Piste, Valley and Vuosselinportti rental offices.

Ticket machine locations in Ruka:
Ruka village: Next to the front door of PisteVuokraamo and the lower station of the gondola.
RukaValley: next to the lower station of the gondola.
Vuosselinportti: Next to the front door of the Vuosselinportti rental office, on the side of the parking lot.

 We reserve the right to price changes during 2022–2023 ski season.

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Lift ticket prices 2.12.2022-1.5.2023 (click to open)

  • Multi-day lift tickets must always be used on consecutive days, with the exception of the 3/4 day lift ticket (3 ski days of your choice within 4 days) and the 5/7 day lift ticket (5 ski days of your choice within 7 days). 1-day ticket or tickets longer than that include the night skiing automatically if the ticket is otherwise valid on a Friday. All Ruka day tickets are also valid in Pyhä Ski Resort.
  • Note! You cannot pay with sports vouchers or benefits in the online store.
  • Children under the age of 6 with a helmet on  get a free lift ticket with a parent with a lift ticket. The free Rosa & Rudolf lift ticket must be picked up from our ticket office, and the adult must present a valid Ruka or RukaPyhä lift ticket.
Ticket validity Adult Youth (12–17 yrs.) / Senior (over 65 yrs.) Child (6–11 yrs.)
Single lift ride 8,5 € 8,5 € 6 €
3 h 42 € 37,5 € 26 €
1 day 49,5 € 44,5 € 31,5 €
2 days 89,5 € 80,5 € 55,5 €
3 days 130 € 117 € 80 €
3/4 days 136,5 € 122,5 € 84 €
4 day 164 € 147,5 € 101,5 €
5 days 193 € 173,5 € 120,5 €
5/7 days 206 € 185,5 € 127 €
6 days 216 € 194,5 € 136,5 €
7 days 238 € 214 € 152,5 €
8.-21. days + 17 € / day + 15 € / day + 11,5 € / day
KeyCard 7 € 7 € 7 €

Please note that the KeyCard purchased in 2022–2023 season no longer includes a deposit. You may reclaim the deposit from KeyCards from older seasons until the end of 2022–2023 season.

low season prices (valid 7.10.–1.12.2022 and 2.-7.5.2023)

Ticket validity Adult Youth (12–17 years) / Seniors (over 65 years) Children (6–11 years)
Single lift ride 8,5 € 8,5 € 6 €
3 hours 37,5 € 34 € 26 €
1 day 44,5 € 40 € 31,5 €
2 days 80,5 € 72,5 € 55,5 €
3 days 117 € 105 € 80 €
3/4 day 122,5 € 110 € 84 €
4 days 147,5 € 133 € 101,5 €
5 days 173,5 € 156 € 120,5 €
5/7 pv 185,5 € 167 € 127 €
6 days 194,5 € 175 € 136,5 €
7 days 214 € 192,5 € 152,5 €
8.-21. days + 15,5 € / day + 14 € / day 11,5 € / day
Keycard 7 € 7 € 7 €

Please note that the KeyCard purchased in 2022–2023 season no longer includes a deposit. You may reclaim the deposit from KeyCards from older seasons until the end of 2022–2023 season.

Pedestrian tickets

You can buy a pedestrian tickets from the ticket machine, which you will find at both substations of the gondola lift or from all our lift ticket sales points (Piste, Valley and Vuosselinportti rental stores and Ski-Inn receptions in RukaVillage and RukaValley). Pedestrian tickets are not available on our online store.

Ticket validity Adult Youth (12–17 yrs.) / Senior (over 65 years) Children 4–11 years
Up 8,5 € 8,5 € 6 €
Return 12,5 € 12,5 € 8,5 €

Family Park and beginner's day tickets

You can buy Family Park day tickets and beginner's day tickets at all ticket offices in Ruka, the nearest of which is at Valley Rental Store. Tickets can not be purchased in the online store or ticket machines.

Free access to Family Park with a valid lift ticket. Free entry to the Family Park for children under 4 years old.

Duration Adult Youth (12-17 yrs) / senior (over 65 yrs.) Child (4–11 yrs.)
Family Park day ticket 12 € 12 € 12 €
Beginner's day ticket (incl. Family Park day ticket and gondola day ticket until 7 pm) 25 € 25 € 19 €

Season pass price list Ruka and RukaPyhä

RukaPyhä 22–23 Advance price until 11.12. 2022 Price as of 12.12. 2022
Adult (18-64 years) 510 € 568 €
Youth (12-17 years) and seniors (over 65 years) 460 € 508 €
Children (6-11 years) 310 € 348 €
Ruka 22–23 Advance price until 11.12. Price as of 12.12.
Adults (18-64 years) 475 € 528 €
Youth (12-17 years) and seniors (over 65 years) 425 € 478 €
Children (6-11 years) 285 € 318 €

Company season passes & pre-order day tickets RukaPyhä

Company season pass

RukaPyhä business pass is a season pass valid for the entire ski season, the use of which is not tied to individuals. The pass is especially suitable for staff, partners or other communities of the company and can be used in both Ruka and Pyhä ski resorts. You can make a VAT deduction from the pass and in the final taxation the Net price is as an expense/deduction of the tax base.

The price of the business season card is €1212/per season pass (incl. VAT 10%). If you order more than four pieces, the price of the company card after the fourth is €996. Ordering more than four business cards or if you want to pay the passes by invoice (invoicing fee €20), you can order them from our sales office The resale of the business pass is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact:

Company season pass RukaPyhä 22-23 Price
First four passes €1212/pcs
Next €996/pcs

Pre-ordered day tickets

The price of a pre-ordered day ticket requires at least 30 tickets/order. The price period is defined according to the date of purchase. Tickets are valid for the 2022-2023 ski season. The ticket is activated on the first visit to the lift gate. All advance day tickets are loaded onto a single-use remote-readable keycard. Delivery time 3-4 business days. Companies and organizations have the option of post-invoicing with a valid invoicing agreement. Unused advance day tickets cannot be returned/exchanged after the validity period. Advance ticket orders from Ruka or +358 10 382 5222.

RukaPyhä 22-23 Low season price * Normal season
Day (9:30-19:00) 39€ 42€

*The low season price is valid from 7 October to 1 December 2022 and from 2 May 2023 until the end of the season. The normal season is valid from 2 December 2022 to 1 May 2023

Snow racing tickets

Duration Adult Youth Child
Gondola ticket + snow racer rental, valid 7:30 pm-9:30pm 32 € 32 € 32 €
Gondola ticket, valid 7:30 pm-9:30pm 19 € 19 € 19 €
Snow racer rental 13 € 13 € 13 €

Snow racer rental and ticket sales start at 7 pm in Piste Rental Shop in Ruka village. Can not be purchased from online store.

Valid lift tickets can also be used for evening snow racing (excluding Family Park day ticket). Snow racer rental must be paid separately. We reserve the rights for changes.

See dates for snow racer evenings here.

Payment methods used in our online store

In the Online store of Rukakeskus you can use:

  • Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay)
  • Online payments (Paytrail service)
  • MobilePay (temporarily not accepted)

Our online payment methods are managed by Rentle Payments, and the payment methods are constantly being developed. At the moment, you cannot use vouchers for sports and cultural benefits in our online store, but only at our ticket sales points in Ruka.

Using sports and cultural benefit vouchers for ski passes and equipment rental

At our ticket sales points in Ruka, you can pay for lift tickets and equipment rentals with the sports / cultural vouchers mentioned below. All vouchers are for personal use only, and they must have the user's name written in clear handwriting. You cannot use sports / cultural vouchers for lift tickets to the scenic gondola or summer sled track in the summer (tax office's decision).

  • Smartum (Sport benefit vouchers and Smartum Mobile payment)
  • Edenred Ticket Mind&Body
  • Virikeseteli
  • EPassi (former Sporttipassi)
  • Tyky-Kuntoseteli
  • Tyky-Online

Please note that for the time being you cannot use your sport or cultural benefits to buy online.  

Ruka ski passes and season passes


Lift tickets

In our online store, you can either buy a pass for an existing KeyCard or buy a new KeyCard and the ski pass. If you buy a ski pass for your existing KeyCard, the type of ski pass will be requested after purchase. If you buy a KeyCard with a ski pass, you can pick up your pass at the ticket machines located at the base stations of both gondola lift stations.

Family lift tickets

When two adults buy 5-14 day ski passes, you get a 25 % discount on the same kind of passes for children and youth! You can buy family passes at our online store. When purchasing ski passes, please note that all passes must have an existing KeyCard - or you can buy them for all ski passes at our online store. However, it is not possible to purchase KeyCards for only a part of the family passes.

Season passes

Ski more than 200 days a season! You can buy a season ticket for either Ruka or both Ruka and Pyhä. With the season ticket for both ski resorts, you can enjoy skiing at both destinations throughout the long skiing season. You can buy a season ticket online, but you must pick it up at the ticket office.
Rukan Huippu

Season company pass

A season company pass is a season pass not intended for personal use. For example, you can acquire a season company pass for your cottage for rent, and you will always have a lift ticket at your disposal.
family park

Family Park

Family Park is accessible with a valid lift ticket or with Family Park day ticket. And with Beginner's Day pass you will get access to Family Park and Village-2-Valley gondola for the whole day!

Pedestrian lift ticket

You can enjoy the stunning scenery of Ruka also on foot. As a pedestrian, you can take the gondola lift between Ruka Village and Ruka Valley, or take the chairlift to the top of Ruka. You can buy pedestrian tickets from the ticket machines located at both substations of the gondola lift, or purchase a pass from the ticket office at our rental offices.


Please visit our page Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us via the chat in the lower right corner. 

See the terms and conditions of ski resort services.

Company and training group ticket orders via our sales service

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Ski passes and rental equipment with Finnair Plus points

Use your Finnair Plus points or a combination of points and money to get a voucher that you can use for Ruka's ski passes or rental equipment when buying at the checkout (not in the online store). Vouchers purchased from the Finnair Plus Shop are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Benefits for season pass owners

Discover the benefits of the season ticket in the Ruka area.

Rukan hiihtokeskus
Season passes for 10 year olds

As part of our extended sustainability program for Ruka and Pyhä, we offer the RukaPyhä season pass for the winter season 2022–2023 to all local children born in 2012 living in Kuusamo area free of charge.

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