Frequently asked questions in Ruka Ski Resort

Payment Methods

What payment methods are accepted online in the web store?

Rukakeskus Oy web store accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay)
  • Online banking payments (Paytrail)
  • MobilePay (temporarily not accepted)

E-commerce online payment methods are managed by Rentle Payments and they are constantly being developed.

Unfortunately you can pay with Epassi, Culture and Sport Vouchers, and Finnair Plus points only at the ticket sales offices.




  • Smartum (Sport benefit vouchers and Smartum Mobile payment)
  • Edenred Ticket Mind&Body
  • Virikeseteli
  • EPassi (former Sporttipassi)
  • Tyky-Kuntoseteli
  • Tyky-Online

Please note that for the time being you cannot use your sport or cultural benefits to buy online.  

Lift tickets and ski passes

What is a Keycard smart card?

All lift tickets are loaded on a remote-readable KeyCard which costs 7,50 euros. KeyCard can be recharged and accepted at all ski resorts using SkiData, so it's a good idea to save the card and use it multiple times. Just make sure not to fold or break the card or expose it to heat and it will serve you years.

My Key Card Number is not accepted in the web store. What can I do?

The lift ticket can be loaded on a KeyCard whose serial numbers begin with 01, 25, or 30. Please enter the numbers carefully. If the online store does not accept these numbers, you can buy a new KeyCard online when purchasing a ski pass, or buy a ski pass at one of our ticket sales offices.

NOTE! You cannot buy lift tickets online for a Key Card whose numbers begin with 08, 8, 14, or 29. You cannot download a ticket for a Key Card beginning with number 25 if you have already downloaded a valid lift ticket (for example, a season ticket for another ski resort).

Where can I find the card ID number?

You can find the ID number of the KeyCard on the back side of the card next to the ad: the numbers are in the following form:
30-1614 7256 2504 3849 7944-8, 
01-1614 7133 5364 7760 6925-3. Be sure to enter all the numbers.

Please note that KeyCards starting with '25' are no longer in use.

Where do I fill in my Keycard number in the online store?

You will enter the keycard serial number in the online store after payment.

I bought a ticket online directly for my KeyCard. Can I go straight to the slopes?

Yes. If you have successfully entered your KeyCard numbers in the online store, you no longer need to activate the ticket in our customer service. Your lift ticket will be ready for use and will operate automatically at the gate on the start date you have selected. The 3-hour lift ticket is active as of the first lift stamp. 

Can I buy more than one lift ticket at a time if I want to buy a new keycard and use my existing keycards?

Unfortunately, the number of keycards in the online store cannot be changed in relation to the number of tickets. So, in the online store, you can add keycard information to all selected tickets, or purchase keycards for all the tickets. If you have 2 existing keycards and need 2 more, please make 2 different purchases in the online store, or buy them at our ticket offices.

Can I choose the days when I use my lift ticket?

You must use multi-day lift tickets on consecutive days (except  3/4 * and 5/7 ** lift tickets). The start date you choose for your lift ticket in the online store is the first day of validity of your ski pass. The 3-hour ticket will be activated on the start day as of the first lift stamp. * 3 optional ski days in 4 days. Night Skiing is included in the ticket when the ticket expires on Friday. ** 5 optional ski days in 7 days. Night Skiing is included in the ticket when the ticket expires on Friday.

Can I buy more than one lift ticket at a time from the web store?

Currently, you can add to the same cart only products that start at the same time. If you want to buy tickets for different days, please make separate purchases.

Can I use the lift ticket also for snow racing?

All valid lift tickets can be used for snow racing (excluding the Family Park day ticket). So you can go tobogganing with, for example, a lift ticket for 1 or more days, a beginner's day ticket or a season pass.  3-hour lift ticket can also be used for snow racing, if the ticket is valid at the time of snow racing. Please note that the snow racer must be rented separately.

You can also buy a gondola ticket specifically for the time of snow racing, read more on the snow racing event page.

Can I use my lift ticket at another ski resort?

All lift tickets for Ruka Ski Resort are also valid in Pyhä.

What is the benefit of a family ticket?

When two adults buy 5-14 day lift tickets, we give a -25% discount on the same kind of tickets for children and youth!  

Does the KeyCard price include a deposit?

In previous winter seasons, we have sold KeyCards that include a deposit of 5€, which you get back when you return the card to the ticket office. In the 2022–2023 season our KeyCards no longer include the deposit.

Older KeyCards with a deposit can be returned to our ticket office during the 2022–2023 winter season, but you can no longer buy a KeyCard with deposit.

We encourage you to keep the KeyCard you bought and use it as much as possible. Purchasing a lift ticket with an existing KeyCard is most convenient in our online store, where the ticket can be loaded onto your own card and you can head to the slope without visiting the ticket office.

What are the terms and conditions for the purchase of lift tickets?

We follow the terms and conditions that have been negotiated with The Finnish Ski Area Association (FSAA) and the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman and approved by the Consumer Ombudsman. See terms and conditions here.

Winter Equipment rental

I have rented equipment online. How do I pick up the equipment in the rental company?

If you have rented your equipment online no later than the previous day with the correct size information, the equipment will be ready to be picked up at the time you want. You can avoid queues in the morning by picking up your rental equipment at the pick-up point of the selected rental company the previous evening after 7 pm. (Fridays after 9 pm).

When you arrive at the rental company, you can pick up the equipment directly from the pick-up point of the online rental company. You must return the equipment to the same rental company.

We recommend you make an online rental no later than the previous day to give our staff time to prepare the equipment for pick-up. Please make your online rental in time. It ensures that also during the busiest season, you have access to the most suitable equipment for you.


Where can I fill in my details in the online rental?

You will be able to fill in the detailed information about your equipment rental after the booking is confirmed. The information requested is height, weight, shoe number, level of experience, and age.

How can I choose the right size of the skiing boot when renting equipment online?

No extra space should be left for ski boots or snowboard boots. Sturdy shoes supporting your feet and ankles are the best for skiing on the slopes. Choose the same size as you have in your other shoes. Fit downhill skiing or snowboard boots at the pick-up stage before going to the slopes- if the pre-selected shoe doesn’t fit on your foot or turns out to be the wrong size, we’ll look for a more suitable shoe on the shelf. The size is given in EUR size and in centimeters.

Why do I have to indicate my skill level when renting equipment?

We will ask about your skill level, as it will give us information on the most suitable equipment choice for you on the slopes. We offer quality equipment for skiers of all levels. So, for example, a beginner should not think that the equipment of a professional skier is better. You’ll get the best out of your skiing day when you ski with the gear that best suits your needs.

Why do I have to indicate my weight?

We need to know your weight to adjust the DIN settings of your ski bindings, and you can enjoy skiing on the slopes. If you do not know your exact weight, please give an estimate. If necessary, the rental company will help you readjust the ski bindings.

Energy efficiency

Do you stop ski lifts to save energy in this energy situation?

Ski lifts are a central part of our ski resort's daily operations, and a rotating lift means an open slope area for our customers. Stopping the lift could save energy on individual days, but not on most days. Starting and restarting the lifts takes relatively more energy than a steady pace. The time it takes for the skier to go up with the lift and to return from the top to the lift down station is quite long, and stopping the elevator between such rounds is not energy efficient. So it is very difficult to estimate how long it will take for the next customer to arrive and whether stopping the elevator is energy efficient or not. Weakening our core business in this way is therefore not profitable, but we seek energy efficiency in all reasonable ways.

At Rukakeskus, we have been focusing on energy efficiency for several years, and in our responsibility program you can read about what we have already done for the cause. Of course, during such a time, we think particularly carefully about how we could make our operations even more efficient.

How have you prepared to operate the ski lifts if there are electricity shortages during the winter?

We are not self-sufficient in terms of electricity, so if there are national restrictions on the use of electricity, they will also apply to us. According to the information we have received, the possible interruptions are about two hours long at a time, which means that we do not have to hold the lifts closed for a whole day of skiing. For our part, we are trying to influence in many ways that there will be enough electricity next season, e.g. by optimizing the speed of the lifts, snowmaking and the slope lighting. Similar measures will also be taken in many other ski resorts, and it seems that Finnish companies and individuals have joined the energy-saving initiatives, so we hope that there will be no power outages. 

Frequently asked questions during summer season

Is the summer sled track open if it rains?

Due to safety reasons the summer sled track is closed during rain. Lifts may also be closed due to strong wind. We aim to open the summer sled track within 1–2 hours after the rain has stopped. 

Is the summer sled track open / when will it open?

Opening goal for the summer sled track is 10th of June 2022.

Please check current opening hours here:


opening hours 

How does the roundtrip-ticket work?

With roundtrip-ticket you can either take the lift up and down once, or take the lift up and ride down the summer sled track or take two rides down the summer sled track.

How long is the pedestrian lift ticket valid?

Pedestrian lift ticket is valid for the whole summer season 2022.

What tickets do I need for Zipline?

To use the lifts, you need a pedestrian lift ticket (see price list in the table above) as well as a separately purchased zipline ticket, which is purchased from Zipline Ruka.


Pääsenkö Gondolilla Ziplinelle?

Ziplinelle pääsee ainoastaa Village Express hissillä - ei gondolilla. Zipline lähtöpaikka on Village Expressin huipulta ja päätepiste Gondolin väliasemalla Saaruassa.

Does the gondola go to the top of Ruka?

Gondola goes from Ruka Village via Saarua top to Ruka Valley, so it does not go to the top of Ruka. If you want to reach the top of Ruka, use Village Express -chairlift.

Is the multi-trip ticket personal?

Multi trip ticket can be shared with several people since it is not personal.

What kind of biking routes do you offer in Ruka Bike Park?

Ruka Bike Park offers routes for all levels and ages. See route descriptions here:

Ruka Bike Park

Ski-Inn -accommodation

What payment methods can you use to buy Ski-Inn accommodation?

Webshop payment methods are the options offered by Klarna and Paytrail. You can see the payment options more detail on the payment page when you make a reservation. Payment options cover e.g. credit and debit card, online banking, mobile payment, and invoice and installment payment options. Please note that some payment methods may not be available for bookings made outside of Finland. For bookings that has been made through the sales service, payment methods are paylink and invoice. More specifically, the payment methods are opened in the reservation and cancellation conditions. Please note that the reservation and cancellation conditions are the same depending on which payment method is chosen for the reservation.

Booking and cancellation terms


Where can I find the apartment-specific equipment list?

The equipment lists can be found on the Ski-Inn accommodations' own pages. In the list of equipment, the standard equipment of the apartment is opened separately, as well as the equipment that can be found for an additional fee. All Ski-Inn hotel rooms and apartments can be found in the accommodation search.

Can I request a specific apartment for my reservation?

You can leave apartment or location wishes at the time of booking or afterwards. We do our best to make your wishes come true, but we cannot 100% promise a specific apartment or wish in advance. Please contact or regarding your wishes.

Is breakfast included in the price of the apartment?

Breakfast is included in RukaVillage30 and RukaValley28 hotel rooms for the number of people selected at the time of booking, unless otherwise stated. If the number of people changes after making the reservation, please contact our reception. For apartments where breakfast is not included, it is possible to buy it at a separate price at the reception. For summer, there are exceptions for breakfast, so please check the latest information at our reception.

Ski-Inn contact information

Is it possible to reserve an extra bed in the apartment?

The possibility of an extra bed is indicated in the number of beds in the online store. For example, if the number of beds is indicated as 6+2, it means six actual beds, as well as two additional beds, for example on a sofa that can be spread out or an additional bed that can be pulled out from under the bed. An extra bed in these apartments does not cost extra, but it is good to inform the final number of people before arrival. In destinations with breakfast (RukaVillage30 and RukaValley28 Studio), an extra bed can be booked at a separate price, in which case breakfast is also included in the price of the extra bed. If you want to add people to these apartments after making the reservation, you should always contact the reception at

You can also rent a travel cot for small children at the reception for a separate price, if this is not included in the equipment of the apartment. You can check the contents of the equipment lists on the page of each apartment in the online store: search for accommodation.

For additional bed reservations, please contact the reception: