Winter fun for families

Activities for kids in any weather!

No matter what the weather is like, we always have plenty of fun activities for the entire family. In addition to Ruka Slopes and Ruka village, the majority of the winter experiences available in the region are suitable for families with children. 

Children’s slopes, sled slopes and wintry playgrounds

All the huts, campfire sites and sled slopes, with the exception of the Family Park services, are free of charge for all visitors.

Ski areas for kids

Ruka Ski Resort has been planned with the success of family holidays in mind. Located in Ruka East, the children’s slope and beginners’ area have magic carpet lifts, huts with toilets and relaxing areas and campfire sites.

Sled slopes and campfire sites

Sled slopes and campfire sites can be found in the vicinity of Mastorinne and Välirinne slopes in Ruka East and at the edge of Ruka village by the Kaltiolampi pond. These services are available for all guests for free. In addition, Rosa & Rudolf Family Park provides Snow Tubing and a nice hut for snacks (special fee).

Ruka Slope Map works as your guide

Village-2-Valley scenic gondola’s intermediate station in Saarua has a hut where you can enjoy your snacks. You don’t need skis to get up to the station as you can simply enjoy the ride on board the scenic gondola!

All of these services are marked on the Ruka Slope Map with symbols.

KidsClub lastenhoito
Playgrounds and ice skating rinks

Playgrounds and slides open in the winter can be found in Ruka village, Ruka school and in the Teletubbyland in Kuusamo centre. Kuusamo also has several ice skating rinks, marked on our page Sports centres. 

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park

Finland’s largest and most fun-filled skiing area includes five magic carpet lifts and many other snow activities, such as snow tubing, a ski carousel and a winter playground with a zipline, a bird’s nest swing, a playground and a hut with toilets, a relaxing area and a campfire site that serves as the area’s landmark.

Activities with kids in the snow

Equipment matching the weather, trails selected according to the age and strength of participants and great snacks make for successful adventures.

Pulkkailu on kivaa koko perheen puuhaa

Winter hiking trails for families

The Könkään keino Day Trip Trail (1 km) leading to Kiutaköngäs waterfall, the snow shoe and fatbike trail (6 km) leading to Lammintupa and the Konttaisen kuhaus Trail (1.5 km) running up on Konttainen are all suitable for the entire family. These trails are partially paved or so frequently used that you won’t need snowshoes, except after very heavy snowfall.  

Lapsi hiihtää Ruka-Kuusamon maisemissa

Cross country ski excursions

Hot tip: A stop with hot chocolate and a doughnut provides energy to go even further.

Fun encounters

Huskies, reindeer and horses are so adorable you simply have to pet them – and maybe hop on for a fun sleigh ride.

The thrill of speed

If you dream of snowmobiling, we have snowmobile sleigh rides and children’s snowmobiles.

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