Rest stop huts and outdoor fireplaces in Ruka Ski Resort

Ruka Ski Resort offers multiple rest stop huts and outdoor fireplaces, where it is easy to have pause of skiing, grill sausages on an open fire and enjoy your own packed lunch. Rest stop huts are open according to the slope opening hours.


Saaruan Taukotupa hut is located at the downstation of Saarua slopes, next to Saarua’s parking area. Warm hut includes bathrooms, fireplace and tables. More tables and an outdoor fireplace are located on the terrace. 

Ruka Park Club is located next to SaaruaExpress chairlift. Feel free to use the ping-pong tables, game consoles and warm-up equipment when you want to have a break from skiing.  You can also dry your gloves in the drying rack and load your mobile devices in a locker. Ruka Park Club has multiple tables and a microwave to heat up your meal. Access to tap water and bathrooms can be found a few steps away from Saaruan Taukotupa hut. 

Saarua Lappish hut is located close to the SaaruaExpress and Village-2-Valley gondola top stations, next to Ruka Park. In the Lappish hut you can grill sausages and enjoy your own snacks. 

Ruka Valley

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park hut is located in the right hand side of Family Park in the middle of the slope. Warm hut offers a great space for families to grill sausages, eat packed meals and observe the fun on the slopes in Family Park. Inside is a fireplace and tables. The big outdoor terrace has another fireplace and plenty of space for sunny days’ barbecue. 

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park lean-to fireplace is located at the bottom of the Park, in front of Ski Bistro. Bathrooms can be found in the neighbouring restaurant or at the downstation of M skilift. 

Rosa & Rudolf Kids' Club is an indoor play-area for small children, free admission with a valid ski pass. Located next to gondola downstation in Ruka Valley.


Along Rudolf Adventure Route, next to the reindeer enclosure is a lean-to and a fireplace where you can observe the reindeer while having a break. 


Maston Taukotupa hut is located in the downstation of Masto slopes, next to Masto’s parking area. Warm hut includes bathrooms, fireplace and multiple tables. More tables and outdoor fireplace are located on the terrace.

You can also find two outdoor fireplaces in the Masto slope area, one in the Masto downstation and the other in the Välirinteet downstation. 

Front slopes

Outdoor fireplace can be found beside the Village Express downstation.
A lean-to and an outdoor fireplace is situated right below the top of Kelo slopes. Kelo lean-to is a great place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Ruka. 

All the fireplaces are provided with firewood that is free to use. Please remember to put trash in the bins and leave the space clean after use. 

Cafés and restaurants

A great day on the slopes includes a hot chocolate and a good lunch in Ruka's restaurants. Pick your favourite and enjoy!

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