River rafting is a guaranteed summer hit for the entire family!

Find a comfortable position on a rubber raft. Gather speed and shoot down the rapids. You’ll feel butterflies in your stomach and splashes on your face. Adrenaline, an incredible sensation of being free. Quiet waters, peace. And then back into the raging water!

You can enjoy rafting in the majestic scenery of Oulanka National Park in the clean waters of the free-flowing Kitkajoki river from May until October. Our weekly programme includes safe, guided river rafting packages, from peaceful family excursions to action-packed extreme rafting. 

Family trail

The family trail from Käylä to Juuma offers a pleasant first experience on a rubber raft and is suitable for the entire family, as the name suggests.

This trail on the headwaters of Kitkajoki river has seven rapids, one of which is a class III waterfall. The national rapids and waterfall classification ranges from I to VI, where class I refers to easy rapids and VI life threatening.

Sections of lakes are covered with the help of an outboard motor. Family trail rafting lasts 2–3 hours, price starts from 40 €/person, minum age limit 5 years..

Wild trail for those over 18

The wild trail takes you from Juuma to the border zone. During the journey, you will see the wildest of Kuusamo’s waterfalls, Jyrävä waterfall with a category VI classification. We will go around it by land.

Rafting down the first waterfalls of the Juuma area takes approximately 1–2 hours, and the duration from Juuma to the border zone is around 5–6 hours. The most enthusiastic rafters book the entire 9-hour river journey from Käylä to the border zone. Wild trail rafting price starts from 60 €/person, age limit 18 years.

Equipment and skipper included

A qualified guide as captain with comprehensive knowledge of the waterfalls is always on board when rafting. River rafting trips include rainwear and insurance.

Snacks, meals and possible additional experiences, such as fishing, affect the duration and price of the rafting trip.

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