Fun on snow

Winter in Ruka-Kuusamo is full of fun!

Holidaymakers in wintry Finland are already familiar with Ruka’s groomed slopes and Kuusamo’s extensive ski trail network. However, as great as these are, Ruka-Kuusamo’s true trump card is the region’s diverse adventure and activity offering all year round. 

Besides the adventures presented on this page, we warmly recommend to take a look at sections Cross country skiing and Hiking

New: Nature & Adventure Park

Rukapalvelu opens a new adventure park in January 2023 in Pohjanseita Wilderness Camp. Park adventures include huskies, reindeer and snowmobile riding for kids.

Lentokone punainen ikoni Ruka-Kuusamo
Getting here
Ruka-Kuusamo pyöreä punainen ikoni ruokalautanen ravintolat
Ruka-Kuusamo pyöreä ikoni - vaellus ja retkeily
National parks

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