Welcome to Finland's most popular snow park in Ruka 

Come and ride with us more than 200 days in a season at Ruka Park. Ruka Park is expected to open among the first ones in the beginning of October and it is open until the end of the season. 

Ruka Park includes several jumping lines in different sizes, as well as plenty of rails, presses and other obstacles - the setup varies as the season progresses, so there is often a newly built obstacle or a fun new line in the Park. In the spring, there is also a mini pipe.

Ruka Park's crew shapes and maintains the Park every night throughout the season from October to May, and if necessary, also during the day.

Ruka Park is located in the slopes of Saarua, next to the upper station of the Village-2-Valley gondola (slopes 14 and 15). The lifts at Ruka Park are the high-speed Saarua Express (H) 4-person chair lift and the Saarua anchor lift (I).

Ruka Park slope rules:

Respecting the slope rules is important on all slopes, and you can always read the basic rules here.

Please also keep the following instructions in mind in Ruka Park:

  • Please check all rails, jumps and obstacles before using them. Changes are made to the rails and slopes in Ruka Park during the whole winter. So, in the morning the shapes may be different than the day before. 
  •  Skiers ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them. However, you must not stop in front of the jumps or the descending area or other places where you are not visible from above. A skier jumping at a very high speed is not capable of avoiding the skier below.
  • As you prepare for the jump, make sure the skier ahead of you has finalized his jump and the landing area is free.
  • Choose the park area according to your skills and be aware on the weather conditions - for example, with flattened light, the shapes of the jumps and rails may be more difficult to see than in clear weather. Then it can be more fun to press jumps or rails.
  • Do not ski directly through the half pipe if there are other skiers ahead and skiing shapes  - this will minimize the risk of a crash.
  • Watch the Ski.fi Park instructional video here.
Ruka Park reili
Up to 200 skiing days with a season ticket

New – Ruka Park Junior

The novelty of the winter season 2022–2023 is Ruka Park Junior, located next to Vuosseli slopes and Family Park. Ruka Park Junior replaces the former Rosa Park and will offer juniors and beginners a versatile selection of obstacles. Two trick lines will be built on the slope, with press boxes, tubes and jumps of different sizes. A new anchor lift has been built next to Ruka Park Junior, and it is also easy to visit Ruka Park Junior at the end of Vuosseli's popular red slope.

Ruka Park Junior offers suitable obstacles for practicing the basics of park riding and having fun - riders and skiers of all ages are welcome!

Ruka Playground is the favourite of all park riders in the spring time

The Ruka Playground, which was implemented for the first time in the 2020–2021 season, transforms the Ruka ski resort area into a playground for park riders. Due to its great popularity, the concept has come to Ruka to stay. As winter turns to spring, the Ruka slope area will once again become a playground for parking riders, where creative lines and fun obstacles can be found just about anywhere in the slope area. A bit like the famous event ares of Wappulounas, the Playground is not made only for one event, but from the beginning of April until the end of the season.

Ruka Park Club 

Ruka Park Club is the break room for all park riders. It is located beside the Saarua Express lower station, and it is open based on the lift opening hours. At the Park Club, there is a big screen for movies, a TV and PlayStation, a sound system, a ping-pong table, an air hockey table, and a table football. Additionally, there are a dryer and lockers for charging your mobile devices. Moreover, you can heat your packed lunch and do some warm-ups and stretching.

Bagjump landing bag

In Ruka Park, there is also an olympic level landing bag which is suitable for big air and slopestyle training. It is open for groups by online reservation. The Landing bag adds a new dimension to big air and slope style training, as new tricks can be practiced safely on a soft surface and minimize the risk of injury.

The dimensions of the Landing Bag are 50 x 20 meters and it is usually built with two kickers, the smaller about 12-14 meters. The landing steepness of the Landing Bag is 32 degrees.

Ruka Park Playground
April is the month of Ruka Playground

Ruka Playground offers the most fun and versatile snow park setup throughout April.

Happening in Ruka Park

Ruka Park is also famous for its legendary events, such as the early Hotdog & Handrails and the megalomaniacal Wappulounas in the spring. Some of Park's venues may only be reserved for competitors during the event. 

Arctic Weekend @ Ruka

Arctic Weekend

6.10.2023 - 7.10.2023
rukan syysloma on laskuloma

Ruka Ski Season opening

6.10.2023 - 6.10.2023
wappulounas 24


28.4.2024 - 30.4.2024