Lappis Water Park in Ruka village

Are you ready for a family water adventure? Lappis Water Park in Ruka's Kaltiolampi offers unforgettable experiences for all ages. Check our website for detailed schedules. Prices start at 15 € per visit. Welcome to challenge yourself on our entertaining obstacle course!
21.6.2024 - 10.8.2024
Ruka village, Kaltiolampi pond

Rukankyläntie 17
93830 Rukatunturi

Kids & Youth Adventure
Lappis-vesipuisto Rukan kylässä

Lappis Water Park, tickets

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The minimum age for kids without parents in the park is 10 years. Kids under 10 years, as well as all kids who can not swim, must enter the park with their parents. The minimum age for kids in the water park is 6 years.