Cross country skiing

Kuusamo provides top cross country skiing conditions and a long ski season

The diverse and varied ski landscapes of Ruka-Kuusamo, groomed and lit ski trails and a long ski season that spans from October to April offer skier excellent conditions for their favourite pastime. 

Ski trails are available to all of our customers free of charge. Ski trail condition information and printed ski trail maps are also available free of charge.

435 km of well-groomed ski trails

First snow ski trails open on preserved snow in October, if possible, and more snow is added on ski trails right after temperatures reach about –5 °C.

Ruka-Kuusamossa on runsas ja hyväkuntoinen latuverkosto
Lovely ski trail cafés

You can find many charming ski trail cafés along the most popular ski trails in the Ruka area. Taking a break from skiing to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with a doughnut, sledding or an encounter with husky dogs and reindeer will get kids enthusiastic about a skiing trip!

Lammintupa Winter Village
Cross country ski hire

Ruka ski hire companies provide high-quality cross country skiing equipment that is always waxed to match the weather for both Nordic and skating style.

Maastohiihtovälineet, Ruka-Kuusamo
Voluntary ski trail fee

The town of Kuusamo is responsible for grooming marked ski trails in the Ruka and Kuusamo region. Property owners in the region can contribute to the grooming and development of the ski network by paying a voluntary ski trail fee.

Follow the ski trail etiquette

  • Check the ski trail’s grooming condition from the real-time ski trail service
  • Comply with the skiing directions marked in the ski map. Ski trails primarily have right-hand traffic. Any possible exceptions are marked on the ski trail map. 
  • Be polite: faster, more skilled and stronger skiers give way.
  • When Nordic skiing, take over another skier by moving to the skating track or to the oncoming Nordic ski trail tracks when overtaking (if the oncoming Nordic ski trail tracks are free).
  • Do not stop on the ski trail tracks, especially when moving downhill.
  • Ski trail tracks are only for Nordic skiing. Snowmobiling, walking, walking your dog and sledding are not allowed on groomed ski trail tracks. An exception to this is dog ski trails, where you can ski with your dog (dogs must be on a leash and dog droppings must be collected from ski trails).

Parking along ski trails in the Ruka area

  • Parking areas in the Hiihtostadionintie (at the intersection of Talvijärventie and Hiihtostadionintie, for those setting off on the ski trails of Ruka International Ski Stadium, Talvijärvi, Alakylä, Pyhävaara and Kuontivaara)
  • Pirunkirkko parking area (at the intersection of Rukatunturintie and Rukajärventie; for those setting off on the ski trails of Saarua and the circular trail)
  • Masto and Vuosseli parking areas (along Vuosselintie, for those setting off on the ski trails of Vuosseli and Valtavaara)
  • The parking area along Vuosselinrinne for those setting off on the ski trails of Vuosseli (use this parking area if the Uuttusuo ski trail café’s parking area is full – parking on the gravel road leading to cottages is not permitted).

Please take into account that the Rukanportti parking areas (Rukako, Sale Ruka) are reserved for the parking of the shops’ customers. Parking on gravel roads leading to cottages is not permitted. Read more from Parking. Getting around Ruka is easy with SkiBus

Cross country skiing events: 

Säilölumilatu Rukalla

Ruka First Snow Ski Trail (free of charge)

11.10.2024 - 14.11.2024
FIS Ruka Nordic 2021 - maastohiihdon juhlaa Rukalla

FIS Ruka Nordic 2024

28.11.2024 - 1.12.2024
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