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Kuusamo is a fisher’s dream come true!

We have clean, free-flowing rivers areas and many ponds and lakes abundant with fish. In addition to breathtaking scenery, you can enjoy your catch ensured by the systematic maintenance of fishing water, regular fish stocking, close seasons and sustainable fishing. 

We are confident in claiming that there are no lakes or rivers in Kuusamo without fish. The nearest fishing spot is often by the cottage pier, and the most thrilling fishing experiences include fly fishing on the banks of a roaring waterfall.

Our expert fishing guides will take you to the best places for fishing!

You have functional fishing equipment and the best lures and flies at your disposal. You’ll learn to fish safely and handle fish responsibly.

Whether it’s a family fishing trip on a boat, fly fishing in the best fishing places or an ice fishing trip to catch perch, a professional fishing guide makes sure you’ll have fun and will do everything they can to help you catch a fish. 

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The best fishing locations in Kuusamo are easily accessible

For younger fishers and those looking for a guaranteed catch, there are also salmon ponds buzzing with stocked fish. Accessibility has been taken into consideration, too, as you can fish from the Käylä fishing pier, among others, from a wheelchair.

Fishing licences for all waters

The general fishing right is similar to the Everyman’s Right, which gives every person the right to enjoy Finnish nature within certain parameters. The general fishing right can be either free of subject to a charge. Hook and line fishing, ice fishing and fishing with a simple herring rig are free general fishing rights, as is fishing at sea in general water areas and in the Finnish fishing zone.

fishing licences (pdf)

Get your fishing licence easily

Our aim is to make purchasing of your fishing licence as easy as possible. gathers all the information needed regarding fishing licences (at the moment unfortunately only in Finnish). In addition, we have compiled fishing license outlets into a single list.

fishing licence sales points (pdf)

Fisheries management fee

The general fishing right subject to a charge refers to paying the fisheries management fee, which applies to everyone aged 18–64. After paying the fisheries management fee, you can fish with one rod all around Finland.

Metsähallitus is responsible for collecting the fisheries management fee. Paying the fee is always an investment in nature because Metsähallitus uses the income from fees to manage fishing waters and ensure fishing opportunities.

Kalastusta Kuusamossa. Kuva Maija Koskinen.
Regional rod licence

You need a regional rod licence for rivers and special destinations. A separate licence is also required for trap fishing, fishing with several rods or crayfishing.

Kalastaja heittää perhoa kivellä Ruka-Kuusamossa
River fishing

You can try to catch the unique native brown trout on the Oulankajoki, Kitkajoki and Kuusinkijoki rivers. Also smaller running water destinations are worth a shot.

When fishing in rivers and running water, you need to pay the fisheries management fee and river-specific licence, or the joint licence for the Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki rivers, or the regional licence for Oulankajoki’s headwaters, Kitkajoki’s headwaters, Kuusinkijoki river or smaller rivers. Lure and fly, using live bait in running water with plenty of whitefish and salmon is forbidden (also applies to hook and line fishing with a worm).

Oulankajoki, Oulangan kansallispuisto, Ruka-Kuusamo. Kuva Teemu Lahtinen.
Lake fishing

The Kuusamo region has more than 4,000 lakes and ponds rich in fish. Trolling is especially pleasant on Lakes Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi and Kitkajärvi.

Hook and line fishing on lakes and ponds is an Everyman’s Right. For other fishing, the fisheries management fee and local fishing licence, or the joint licence for Järvi-Kuusamo, Lake Kitkajärvi or Irni, or a specific licence for a body of water, must be paid.

Rainbow trout ponds

Hook and line fishing on lakes and ponds is an Everyman’s Right. For other fishing, the fisheries management fee and local fishing licence, or the licence for the salmon pond in question. We reserve the right to change the information and prices. 

Kaltiolampi - Ruka village

  • Price: 14 €/day/1 fish, additional fish 11 €, also equipment available for hire.
  • Licences from Piste Rental Shop. Fishing is permitted during the opening hours of Piste Rental Shop.
  • Kaltiolampi Fishing Pond, Ruka village, Rukatunturintie 13, Rukakeskus, tel. +358 (0)40 0101 615

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Iisakki Village

  • Price: 18 €/day/1 rainbow trout.
  • Licence from Iisakki Village reception. Fishing is permitted during the opening hours of Iisakki Village reception.
  • Iisakki Village, Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, tel. +358 8 852 1610

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Pieni Helilampi pond - Kuusamon Uistin

  • Price: 12 €/day, incl. 1 rainbow trout/licence
  • A spinning rod with fishing lures can be borrowed against a 50 € cash deposit (gear must be returned within the opening hours of Kuusamon Uistin Factory Shop)
  • Fishing takes place from 08:00 to 20:00.
  • More Informations and fishing permission: Kuusamon Uistin Factory Shop, Professori Räsäsentie 1-2, +358 8 860 3466

Petäjälampi pond - Kuusamon city centre

  • Price: 15 €/day/2 trout or 2 rainbow trout or 2 graylings or 2 whitefish.
  • Open also in the winter.
  • Kuusamon Erä-Safari Oy,

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Fishing services provided by: 

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Fishing in Kaltiolampi pond

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Kainuun Luontoretket

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Ruka Adventures

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Summer in Ruka-Kuusamo is full of adventures

Midnight sun, reindeer, bears, whitewater rafting, paddling, hiking, biking... welcome to experience all the wonders of summer in Lapland!

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