Autumn colours

Experience the unforgettable autumn colours of Lapland!

The autumn colours are nature’s way of preparing for the winter. Decreasing daylight and colder weather are signs for deciduous trees to stop growing, and an interesting process turns leaves into spectacular yellows and oranges. 

First, the autumn colours reach ground level and, approximately a week later, they reach also deciduous trees. The best places to admire the autumn colours in Ruka-Kuusamo are high places, such as the fells Ruka, Valtavaara, Pyhävaara and Riisitunturi. You can see far from the high ground and take in the fabulous colours in full.

River banks and lake shores are also beautiful sights in their full autumn splendour, making the shores of River Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki or Lake Kuusamojärvi great day trip destinations.

When are the autumn colours at their best?

Autumn colours take over nature every year, and it's always as great an experience as it is a surprise. According to local tradition, autumn colours take over Kuusamo on 12 September at approximately 14:00. However, you can come and enjoy the colours throughout September.

Fantastic experiences in nature

The main stage for the autumn colours is of course the stunning nature of Ruka-Kuusamo, but we also have many fun activities and interesting events available. The summer weekly programme is valid until 30.9.

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