Voluntary ski trail fee

Help us develop the Ruka-Kuusamo ski trail network!

The town of Kuusamo is responsible for grooming the ski trails in the Ruka and Kuusamo region. Holiday accommodation, companies and private individuals in the region can contribute to the grooming and development of the ski network by paying a voluntary ski trail fee.

For holiday accommodation, the annual voluntary ski trail fee is based on the area of the property, and it is €0.40 per m2: for instance, if the area of your holiday home covers 80 m2, the fee is only €32 a year. 

How to pay the voluntary ski trail fee: 

Payment recipient: Kuusamon Kaupunki / Latumaksut
Account number: FI56 8000 1800 8610 16
The sum of the ski trail fee is determined according to the property area, €0.40 per m2; minimum fee €30. 
Message: Latumaksut/3390.523000.0718

Following the interpretation of the personal data legislation, we have decided not to publish the names of private individuals who have paid the voluntary ski trail fee unless the persons in question specifically request it. If you do not want your company’s name on the ski trail fee list or you want to provide a name that differs from the name of the payer, please contact us. 

You can request additional information on the ski trail fee and sign up to pay the ski trail fee also in years to come by contacting Marta Khvesko, marta.khvesko@kuusamo.fi, puh. 040 860 8815 

Ski trail fees benefit us all

In winter 2020–2021, the ski trail fees amounted to €48,053. All of the largest real estate companies, most accommodation providers and more than a hundred individual cottage owners participated. A big thank you to everyone who paid the ski trail fee!

Based on customer feedback, ski trails have been in a clearly better condition for the past five years. Many good developments have been executed; on snowy days, the Ruka circular trail is maintained twice a day, if necessary. During the Christmas holidays and starting on 15 December, ski trails in the Ruka area are maintained every day. The voluntary ski trail fee has also made it possible to create the first snow ski trails in Ruka and Kuusamo centre. This is carried out as cooperation among many operators with snow that has been preserved over the summer.

In the coming years, our goal is to include all properties in the area even more widely than now and raise the collected sum to a minimum of €60,000. The calculation basis for the property-specific ski trail fee remains the same, which means that the aim is to collect the additional support by expanding the payment base. We hope that those who have previously hesitated will now participate because the fees really affect the condition of the ski trails.

The aim of the town of Kuusamo is to increase the funds for maintaining the ski trails, if the total sum of the collected voluntary ski trail fees remains the same, at minimum. With this additional effort, ski trail foundations can be improved during the summer and transferred from moist areas to drier land, which would make it possible to open the skiing season sooner than before.

The Vuosseli trail, among others, is renovated, the underpass at Vuosselintie has already been realised and the trail is being paved to become a multi-purpose trail during summer 2021.

A big thank you to everyone who paid the fee. See you on the trails! 

Real estate companies

Real estate companies that have paid the fee are listed on our Finnish page.

Kiinteistöyhtiöt, K-Q

Kiinteistöyhtiö tai -yhtymä
KOY Kantolan Veska
KOY Keloruka
KOY Kelokaltionkylä
KOY Kelokivakka
KOY Kelkka-Ruka
KOY Kinos Tupa 1
KOY Kinos Tupa 2
As Oy Kieruka 1 ja 2
KOY Kotalampi
As Oy Kolovaaranhovi
KOY Konttamo
As Oy Kuon-Talo
KOY Kuontila
KOY Kuusamon Pokaruka
As Oy Kuusamon Peikkokumpu
As Oy Kuonti-Ruka
As Oy Kuusi-Ruka
As Oy Kuusamon Juhannusmasto
KOY Kuukkeli II
As Oy Kuusamon Hankikaari 2
KOY Kuusamo Wild
As Oy Kuusamon Saaruankello
As Oy Kuusamon Erja
As Oy Kuusamon Hankikaari 3
As Oy Kuusamon Nietoskaari I
KOY Kuusamon Nietoslinna
KOY Kuukkelin Kartano
KOY Kuruhovi
As Oy Kuusamon Riutan Koikkelo
KOY Kuusamon Lapin Taika
As Oy Kuusamon Mestari
KOY Kuusamon Rukaharju
KOY Kämäräinen
KOY Loma-Otso
Lomasuunta Oy
KOY Luppo-Ruka
Kiinteistö Oy Maston Helmi
KOY Moisasenharju I
KOY Mänty-Ruka
KOY Naatippaniemi
KOY Nikonkolo
Kiinteistö Oy Onkerkolo
Kiinteistö Oy Onkijantupa
Kiinteistö Oy Pajuruka
Kiinteistö Oy Peuralammen Lomamajat
KOY Pikku Kuukkeli
Kiinteistö Oy Plantinginlaakso

Kiinteistöyhtiöt, R-Ö

Kiinteistöyhtiö tai -yhtymä
KOY Ranta-Ruka I
KOY Ranta-Ruka II
KOY Ranta-Ruka III
KOY Rantaruka 6
KOY Riekonruska
KOY Rinnehelmi
KOY Riutan Maja
KOY Rokovan Rauha
KOY Ruka-Ihtinki III
Ruka-Jepet Ay
KOY Rukajärven Aihki-Naatippa
Asunto Oy Rukakaarre
KOY Rukan Ankkuri
KOY Rukan Ankkurihovi
KOY Rukan Hankihovi
KOY Rukan Ihanteenniemi
KOY Rukan Ihtinki IV
KOY Rukanjoiku
Asunto Oy Rukaköngäs
KOY Rukan Karhu
KOY Rukan Korpilinna
Asunto Oy Rukan Koulutie Kuusamo
KOY Rukan Lumikeiju
KOY Rukan Marja
KOY Rukan Masto I
KOY Rukan Mökki
KOY Rukan Naavarinne
KOY Rukan Nietos
KOY Rukan Otsolan Hovi
KOY Rukan Pyhäjärvenrinne
KOY Rukan Pyydystie
KOY Rukan Reisu
KOY Rukanrepo
KOY Rukan Saara
KOY Rukan Saaruantie 21
KOY Rukan Salmenhovi
KOY Rukan Saukko
Asunto Oy Rukan Taikavuosseli
KOY Rukan Tikankontti
KOY Rukantokka
KOY Rukan Tunturimajat
KOY Rukan Ukkoherra
KOY Rukan Välitie 1
KOY Rukanjuuri
KOY Rukanlumous
KOY Rukanlymy
KOY Rukanaali
Asunto Oy Rukansyli
Asunto Oy Rukapahta
KOY RukaSuites (Ski-inn)
KOY RukaSuites 2 (Ski-inn)
KOY Rukavarri
KOY Ruska-Ruka
KOY Saarua-aho
KOY Saaruan Hovi
KOY Saaruan Kartano
KOY Saaruapuro
KOY Ski-Inn Aurinkorinne 1&2
KOY Ski-Inn Mastonaitio 1&2
KOY Ski-inn RukaVillage B&C
Asunto Oy Sompsan Ruka
KOY Taigaduo
Asunto Oy Topinranta I
KOY Tunturin tupa
KOY Tunturin tupa 2
KOY Tähti-Ruka II
Asunto Oy Uuttu
As Oy Rukantykky


Cottages that have paid the fee are listed on our Finnish page.

Other companies

Other companies that have paid the fee are listed on our Finnish page.