Auringonlasku Kuusamossa, Salla Karhumaa

Between seasons

Spring midseason – exceeding any expectations!

The spring midseason is marked by frost-damaged roads, which means unpaved roads may soften so much that they can’t be used. During the spring midseason, lakes and rivers may still have ice, but it’s not strong enough to walk on any longer. 

In Ruka-Kuusamo, midseason is usually in mid-May. You can no longer ski or snowshoe in forests, and even hiking may be difficult as ditches and wetlands flood. 

Spring midseason in national parks

You can primarily hike on the trails of national parks with high-ankle hiking boots or wellies with a few route exceptions that run along River Oulankajoki. Gravel roads that lead to certain routes may be temporarily unusable due to frost damage.

Karhunkierros Trail in May

The popular Karhunkierros Trail, among others, is usually inaccessible at certain times in May due to flooding. We recommend checking the current situation of the trails from Oulanka Visitor Centre.

Autumn midseason between summer and winter

In October and November, we are living between different seasons for a while when the waters are growing colder, the ice is not yet strong enough to walk on and there is not yet enough snow for activities that require it.

However, a holiday in Ruka-Kuusamo is still an unforgettable experience and a sustainable choice that promotes tourism all year round.

Autumn holiday packed with experiences

Mountain biking, hiking, river floating, sauna experiences and other wonderful wellness and beauty services as well as wild food activities are great reasons for visiting Kuusamo in October, during the autumn holidays, for instance. Ruka Slopes open in early October, and the first snow trail can be skied free of charge from mid-October onwards.

Stunning double aurora

Double aurora, or northern lights reflecting from a calm water surface, is on the wish list of many tourists who have come from far and wide. This experience is possible on the shores of lakes or ponds in October–November.