Maastopyöräilijä Rukan huipulla auringonlaskussa, Ruka-Kuusamo

Mountain bike trails

Almost 200 km of mountain bike trails full of experiences

The entire Ruka-Kuusamo region has a total of 180 km of marked mountain bike trails. You can find the routes in the Ruka area on the Ruka Bike Park Map, which you can pick up free of charge, or you can check the trails from the online map service. You can find more information about trails in Ruka-Kuusamo from Ruka Info. 

Mountain bike trails in Ruka-Kuusamo area and nearby

FAQ on Kuusamo mountain bike trails:

Is mountain biking permitted in Pyhävaara?

Located in Pyhävaara, the Pyhän Jyssäys trail has been repaired during winter 2021, and it’s now available for cycling also in the summer.

Most of the trail has been made more durable by adding fine crushed gravel, but wide duckboards were added on some sections of the trail in summer 2021. The purpose of the duckboards is to protect the precious plants in the wetlands along the trail. This is why moving around must always be limited to the duckboards.

We are still adding signposts along the trail. We apologise for the trail’s incomplete signage. In the winter, you can bike on Pyhävaara’s Hirsilampi winter trail. 

Mountain bike trails map online

Is mountain biking permitted in Valtavaara?

From summer 2021, mountain biking is no longer permitted on Valtavaara fell because, despite the repairs, there are sections along the trail that cannot support mountain biking. 

Mountain bike trails map online

Is mountain biking permitted in Juhannuskallio?

Juhannuskallio is a nature reserve where mountain biking is absolutely forbidden. 

Mountain bike trails map online

Is mountain biking permitted in Oulanka National Park and Karhunkierros Trail?

In Oulanka National Park, mountain biking is permitted only on the Karhunkierros Trail’s section from Oulanka Visitor Centre to Taivalköngäs (specified in the Oulanka use and maintenance plan by Metsähallitus), but mountain biking is not recommended along that section due to increasing visitor volumes.

Mountain biking is forbidden elsewhere in the national park during the summer. In the winter, mountain biking is permitted on the Oulanka Wilderness Trail.

You can find more information on Metsähallitus’s trails from Oulanka Visitor Centre: +358 (0)206 396 850, 

Mountain bike trails map online

Mountain bike trails in Hossa National Park

Located about one hour’s drive from Ruka, Hossa has almost 100 km of diverse trails to bike, and some of the trails are also open in the winter.

Mountain bike trails in Syöte National Park

The Syöte trails can be reached after a 90-minute drive from Ruka. Syöte has over 100 km of paths covered with pine and spruce needles and other mountain bike trails.

Some Syöte trails are also available in the winter.