Payment, booking and cancellation terms and conditions for Ski-Inn hotel rooms and apartments

These booking terms and conditions are applicable to the following accommodation types provided by Rukakeskus Oy and Pyhätunturi Oy: RukaSuites, AurinkoRinne, MastonAitio, RukaVillage, RukaValley, RukaTonttu, PyhäSuites, Hotel Pyhätunturi, Kultakero and PyhäLinna.

These terms and conditions apply to Ski-Inn accommodation bookings once a booking is made by a customer to an accommodation. The booking is binding once the service provider has issued a booking confirmation to the customer by email. Customer is responsible to provide correct email address to service provider. 

Accumulator must be major. Written permission of legal guardian is required from minor who will board without guardian and this written permission need to be delivered to Sales office before accommodation start date. 


Ski-Inn webshop orders

Payment methods in Ski-Inn webshop are Paytrail (mobile payment, card payments, online bank and invoice and Installment Payment services: Walley, Joustoraha or OP invoice) or Klarna AB (installment payments and invoice). If the entire accommodation fee is paid at once at the time of a booking, the office fee is €0. In invoices and installment payments via Paytrail or Klarna, the payment service provider pays the price of the order to Rukakeskus Oy/Pyhätunturi Oy at the time of purchase and the warranty to the balance will be transferred to the payment service provider. Due dates are also determined in these cases in accordance with the terms and conditions of the payment service provider. Read more about the terms and conditions:

Booking made through sales office by phone, email or chat

For bookings made by phone, email or chat valid payment methods are invoice, Paylink or credit card. Biller is Rukakeskus Oy or Pyhätunturi Oy. When payment is done by invoice, the handling fee of 20 € will be added to invoice.

Payment by invoice

If the booking is made no later than 7 weeks (49 days) prior to the booked accommodation period, a prepayment amounting to 1/3 of the total accommodation fee + a handling fee of 20€ will be charged from the customer. The due date for prepayment & handling fee will be in 2 weeks (14 days) from the day the booking is made. The final payment must be made no later than 4 weeks (28 days) prior to the beginning of the booking period.  

Late bookings: If the booking is made less than 7 weeks but no later than 4 weeks prior to the booking period, the total accommodation fee will be invoiced as a single charge (including prepayment and final payment). The due date of the accommodation invoice will be 4 weeks prior to the start of the booking period.  

Last minute bookings: If the booking is made 4 weeks prior to the start of the booking period or later, all the accommodation charges will be invoiced at once and must be paid without delay. A last-minute booking will be binding once the booking has been made. 

Payment by Paylink or by credit card via phone

To pay and confirm the reservation customer can use the Paylink. Payment methods are online banking, Credit/debit card, invoice and installment. Due date is the reservation date. If payment has not been made, the seller reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice. Service provided by Collector Bank AB, vat. # 556597-0513. Lilla Bommens Torg 11, Box 11914, SE-404 39. More Information:

There is no handling fee for credit card charges and payments made with a Paylink payment link.


Changes to accommodation bookings can be made as follows: Change can be made no later than one week (7 days) prior to the start of the booking period with the following conditions: Change fee of 46 € will be charged if change is made to payment method, period or accommodation type within payment, booking and cancellation terms. Change fee will not be charged from additional services (for example extra nights). If a change is made for a more expen-sive period or accommodation type, the customer shall pay price difference. Rukakeskus Oy will invoice the price difference. If the change is made for a more inexpensive period or accommodation type, the price difference shall not be refunded to the customer. If the booking is changed, the booking and cancellation policy will always apply in accordance with the terms and conditions accepted at the time of the original booking. 

Accommodation offers without the right to change: It is not possible to make changes to accommodation offer bookings. It is stated in the reservation price if the given price is offer price.  

Cancellations shall always be made in writing to the service provider. Ignoring the payment of the invoice shall not be regarded as a valid measure for cancelling a reservation. If the invoice will not be paid despite of invoice reminder/ reminders, we will move dept collection to collection agency and customer is obligated to pay also dept collection costs. 

If the cancellation is made on the due date of the prepayment, or after it no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the booking period, the service provider shall have the right to withhold the prepayment (1/3 of total accommodation fee) and handling charge.   

If the cancellation is made less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the accomodation period or during the accommodation period, the total accommodation fee (100 % accommodation charge) will be charged and no fees that have already been charged shall be refunded to the customer. 

If the cancellation is made prior to the start of the booking period due to a severe illness or death of a group member or their close relatives, customer must make sure that his/ her own travel insurance or accident insurance will cover booking costs. Cancellation needs to be informed to Sales office immediately. Booking terms will be applied also in these cases. 

The person making the booking will have to be 18 years or older. Minors using the accommodation on their own will have to provide a written consent given by their parents of carers, which is to be submitted to the service provided prior to the start of the booking period.  

Minimum booking periods: During the winter season (October-April) the minimum booking period will be two (2) days. Public holidays may be subject to specific minimum booking terms. In summer (May - September) the minimum booking period is one (1) day. 


  • In case of force majeure the service provider shall have the right to cancel the reservation. In such cases, the full rental fee will be refunded to the customer. Force majeure is in question, when service provider cannot deliver promised services for example due to strike, fire, water damage, nature disaster, war, etc. which affects to service provider’s performance. 
  • Travel restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic does not form force majeure situation, because travel restrictions due to Covid19 pandemic are not unforseeable.  

The service provider has the right to cancel the reservation if the accommodation invoice has not been paid by due date by the customer. Cancellation does not eliminate obligation to pay the invoice. If the invoice will not be paid despite of invoice reminder/ reminders, dept collection will be moved to collection agency and customer is obligated to pay also dept collection costs. 

Non-cancellable accommodation offers: For confirmed offers, cancellation fees are 100% from the moment of booking. 

Assignment of apartments, access to apartments and services included in accommodation: 

The apartment/room doors, main access doors and aisle doors are equipped with number coded locks in all the accommodation types except for the rooms at Hotel Pyhätunturi, in which normal key locks are used. The Ski-Inn reception in Ruka is located at the reception of Hotel RukaVillage or Hotel RukaValley and at Pyhä it’s located at Hotel Pyhätunturi reception. The accommodation price of RukaVillage30, RukaValley28 and Hotel Pyhätunturi rooms includes a breakfast for selevted number of people if not told otherwise. The accommodation price does not include ski passes unless otherwise specified in the booking confirmation. 

The check-in time to apartments/rooms is 18:00 on the day of arrival and the check-out time is 15:00 on the day of departure. RukaVillage, RukaValley and Kultakero rooms/apartments and the rooms at Hotel Pyhätunturi the check-in time is 15:00 on the day of arrival and check-out time is 12:00 on the day of departure. 

Apart from the use of the apartment the rental fee includes bed linen and towels, a basic kitchen set (except for Hotelli Pyhätunturi), use of the ski storage and ski service room and final cleaning. Firewood is also included in apartments with a fireplace.

Final cleaning does not include washing the dishes, putting them back in their place or taking out the trash: RukaSuites, AurinkoRinne, RukaTonttu, MastonAitio, PyhäSuites, Pyhälinna, Kultakero (excluding Rakka rooms). Customers must take care of washing and organizing the dishes in the cupboard and taking out the trash before they leave.

Garbage removal is included, but washing dishes and putting them away is not included in the accommodation price: RukaVillage, RukaValley (excluding RukaValley 28 Lux rooms).

Removing garbage, washing dishes and putting them back is included in the accommodation price: Hotel Pyhätunturi, Kultakero Rakka rooms, RukaValley 28 Lux rooms.

Extra cleaning fee (minimum charge 1 hour) will be charged afterwards in case of exceptional untidiness in the room/ apartment or if activities mentioned above are neglected. 

The fee for jacuzzi use for apartments RukaValley58, RukaVillage70, RukaVillage88, PyhäLinna130, Kultakero Pore55, Kultakero Pore89 and Kultakero Taivas136 120 €/reservation. Jacuzzi use can be reserved same time with your accommodation booking. Jacuzzi use fee will be paid before accommodation start date. Use charge covers use of jacuzzi for whole stay and it does not cover separate water change or water adding during the stay. The jacuzzi is upkeeped (including water change) at regular intervals to guarantee a high quality of the pool water. If the jacuzzi is being upkeeped at the time of your arrival, it will be available for your use on the next day at the latest. 

The maximum allowed number of persons for the different apartment/room types:  

  • 2 persons: RukaValley28lux 
  • 3 persons: RukaValley28studio, Kultakero Rakka
  • 4 persons: RukaVillage30, Hotelli Pyhätunturi, PyhäLinna33, AurinkoRinne33, RukaTonttu43, RukaValley32, RukaValley48, Kultakero Tokka29, Kultakero Tokka33
  • 5 persons: Kultakero Pore55, Kultakero Tokka53
  • 6 persons: RukaSuites43, AurinkoRinne49, AurinkoRinne55, MastonAitio60, RukaVillage40, RukaVillage45, Ruka-Village60, RukaVillage70, RukaTonttu51, PyhäSuites43,RukaValley58 
  • 8 persons: RukaSuites55, MastonAitio70, MastonAitio80, RukaVillage77, RukaVillage88, RukaVillage94, Pyhä-Suites55, Kultakero Pore89 
  • 9 persons: PyhäLinna93
  • 10 persons: PyhäLinna130, Kultakero Taivas136

Rooms/Apartments can use that maximum number of persons as there are solid beds (beds and sofa beds) in the room/ apartment. Maximum number of persons per room/ apartment cannot be exceeded. Only exception are children aged 0-2 years who will sleep in a cot. 

Pets and parking 

Please contact the accommodation service provider at the time of the booking if you wish to bring along your pet(s) (there are only a limited number of rooms available with pets allowed). Service provider has a right to decline to accommodate customer if pet rooms/ apartments are not available. Customer is personally responsible for pet’s welfare and possible damage and costs cause by pet to movables or other customers. 

There is a limited amount of parking spots with utility pole for car heater nearby most of the Ski-Inn locations. Charging of electric car is forbitten from car parking utility pole or wall plug. At RukaSuites and RukaVillage, the customers can park their cars in the underground garage (parking fee). Service provider is not responsible of parking garage. Service provider is also not responsible of vehicles parked to parking areas and damage or loss of property which is left inside the vehicle. 

To guarantee fire safety, do not leave any articles in the corridors or public facilities of the hotel. Every apartment has separate ski lockers available on specified location for ski, snowboard, and other equipment storage. Storage of bicycles is forbitten in rooms/ apartments or corridors. Service provider is not responsible of damage or loss of property which is stored to public facilities, luggage room or ski locker. 

Smoking is prohibited in all the rooms/apartments. 

Smoking including electric cigarettes and using odours in sauna are not allowed. Waxing of skis is only allowed at designated waxing/ski service areas. Rooms and apartments are equipped with an automatic fire alarm system, which is directly connected to the district alarm control centre. In case of fire alarm, fire brigade will always come to check the cause of damage or fire alarm. The costs (min. 750€) accrued by nuisance fire alarms will be charged from customer. 

Any violation of hotel rules or damage caused to the apartment/room or the facilities by the customer during their stay shall be charged fully from the customer including extra cleaning and repair costs. If the customer or their guests cause disturbance or danger to the other dwellers, the service provider or their representative has the right to terminate the accommodation agreement with immediate effect, upon which the customer will have to leave the premises immediately. In case of immediate termination, no charges shall be refunded to the customer even if booked accommodation days remain unused. 

All our customers are advised to respect the peace of other dwellers between 10 pm and 8 am. 

Reclamations and complaints

Any reclamations or complaints concerning the facilities or equipment of the apartment/room shall be made to the service provider through the reception of Hotel RukaVillage or RukaValley or Hotel Pyhätunturi as soon as any flaws or other issues are detected. In case reclamation or complaint is asked to be made in written, it need to be delivered to service provider before check- out. If customer has not made the reclamation or complaint during the accommodation, he/she will lose right to possible compensation. Any reclamations or complaints made later shall not be considered.  

All rights to price changes reserved. 

Customers insurance 

We prefer travel/accident insurance for our customers. Seller has no obligation to accept cancellation without cancellation fee.

Argument situations and collection  

Parties should aspire to solve possible arguments primarily by negotiating between each other. If matter will be needed to be handled in court, it will be solved first in lower court of accommodation’s municipality of residence district court. All arguments will be solved by Finland’s legislation. Parties in the matter are Seller (Rukakeskus Oy or Pyhätunturi Oy) and Buyer. 

If invoice is unpaid despite of creditors (Rukakeskus Oy or Pyhätunturi Oy) reminder/ reminders, creditor will move dept collection to collection agency who will continue collection. Customer is obligated to pay also all dept collection costs. 

Clear mistakes 

Clear mistakes (including typos) are not obligatory. All offers and campaign are marked separately. If those are not marked as such, you cannot plead to any rights if matter is clear mistake. 

Travel packages and travel service combinations  

If the customer's reservation includes services other than breakfast in addition to accommodation, the reservation is considered a travel package.





Collector Bank AB


OP Lasku:



The personal data of customer is added to the Marketing Register of Rukakeskus Ltd and Pyhätunturi Ltd. Data is used for example: arrival instructions at the destination and other useful information regarding your reservation. You will receive newsletters via email or SMS messages about your bookings, access codes, marketing and communications. Your information will be processed in accordance with above mentioned companies’ terms of service and you can request the removal of your information at any time. Your information will not be disclosed for any other use. More information:

In order to offer you Klarna’s payment methods, we might in the checkout pass your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment methods and to tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice: privacy-policy/ 

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