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Ski-Inn® is an ownership model based on renting an apartment when the owner does not use it. Since 2004, almost 450 Ski-Inn apartments have been built in Ruka, and now when the Kultakero Hotel is completely ready there are over 160 apartments in Pyhä.

The best about owning a Ski-Inn is the ease and good profits. Ski-Inn Oy is responsible for all the costs of the apartment. The owner receives the net rental income twice a year. The rental system and maintenance of the apartment are efficient and do not require any special efforts. So the owner receives the best possible profits.

The apartment is always clean and ready to use when you come on holiday to the ski resort. When you do not need your apartment, you will receive rental income via the Ski-Inn rental pool.


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You own, Ski-Inn takes care of the rest

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Ski-Inn® in a nutshell

From the apartment owner's point of view, Ski-Inn's operations are based on the following 4 objectives:

1) Ease of ownership: The maintenance company is responsible for everything related to the apartment and settles the net rental income with transparent accounting twice a year.

2) Good profits: Our absolute goal is that the Ski-Inn apartment profit after expenses is always better than the profit of other similar apartments in the area.

3) Transparent and efficient operation: The owner is always our most important customer, and all owners are treated equally. The main goal of Ski-Inn is to maximize the rental income of the owners and the occupancy rates of the apartments.

4) Ease of use for the owners: Your apartment is always clean on your arrival, and you can leave your equipment in the lockable storage space until the next holiday. Thanks to instant booking, you can spend your holiday without decreasing rental income.

Ski-Inn Oy openly reports annually on the rental income and maintenance expenses of all its destinations and provides owners with comprehensive settlement statements, including tax guidelines.

 Please find the revenue comparison 10/2022-9/2023 for all Ski-Inn Apartments here.



Kultakero — our newest ski-inn destination

The highest peak of Pyhä fell is called Kultakero, and in 1966, the traditional hotel Pyhä opened under the same name. With pride, we adopted this familiar name when the first part of the new fell village, Kultakero I, opened in February 2023. The fell village expanded with the completion of 26 magnificent landscape apartments as part of the Kultakero project Phase II, just in time for the winter season of 2023-2024. All Ski-Inn apartments in Kultakero are now sold. Explore Kultakero.


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