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Sauna and swimming

Sauna is a holiday must!

Finns love the sauna, and our unique sauna culture has even made it to UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. Your accommodation may have its own sauna, but you can also try different kinds of saunas and related treatments. 

Saunas for every taste

In Kuusamo, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy saunas in a range of different and unique locations. Almost all cottages have conventional electric saunas or even a sauna with a wood-burning stove; however, with us you’ll get to enjoy the gentle heat of a smoke sauna, an exotic tent sauna, ice sauna, sauna raft or even a sauna bus!

Sauna is the crowning jewel of an active day

Sauna can be combined with other activities. A snowmobile safari can end in an exotic wilderness camp and a smoke sauna, or different wellness and beauty services can be booked in connection with enjoying a sauna. You can relax in a sauna and enjoy a refreshing swim and a delicious snack and drink made of pure, local ingredients.


Kuusamo offers sauna experiences for every day of the week. And each sauna has a story of its own, which makes it unique. Five saunas in Kuusamo operate under the name Saunatour – Wellbeing in Wilderness: Isokenkäisten Klubi, Pohjolan Pirtti, Rukan Salonki, Pyhäpiilo and Ruka Safaris’ Iisakki Village.

These saunas are also quality certified: the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality label is granted to companies with sauna services that have passed strict quality criteria and are top quality.

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Health from cold water swimming

Opportunities for cold water swimming in Ruka area (with advance booking unless otherwise stated below):
Talvijärvi - Rukatonttu
Salonkijärvi - Rukan Salonki
Rukajärvi - Ruka Safaris/Iisakki Village
Pyhäjärvi - Pyhäpiilo
Opportunities for cold water swimming elsewhere in Kuusamo (with advance booking unless otherwise stated below):
Petäjälampi - Rukan Latu/Kuusamon Tropiikki
Elijärvi - Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre
Heikinjärvi - Isokenkäisten Klubi

Ruka-Kuusamo’s beaches

Official beaches are located at Kuusamo centre on Lake Kuusamojärvi on Kela beach, Pieni Helilampi, Petäjälampi (Kuusamon Tropiikki) and Tolpanniemi. In addition, there is an official beach in Käylä. 

Talvijärvi has a sandy beach maintained by Hotel Rukatonttu, including a SUP board rental shop by Outdoor Passion Finland. There's also a sandy beach along Talvijärventie maintained by Matkailumaja Heikkala (enclosed due to reindeer, free of use for all guests in the area).

Sauna and swimming services:

Adventure Apes


Basecamp Oulanka

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikin kylpylä

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa and treatments

RukaTonttu Ski-Inn huoneistot

Hotel Rukatonttu

House of Northern Senses, talvimaisemia

House of Northern Senses

Iisakki Villagen Papin Talo

Iisakki Village Accommodation

Special accommodation

Isokenkäisten Klubi

Special accommodation

Magical Pond

Special accommodation

MyTrail MunPolku

Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki

Oivanki Outdoor Ecucation Centre

Special accommodation
Pohjolan Pirtti kesällä

Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari

Private restaurant
Ruka Adventures

Ruka Adventures

Ruka Peak - Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Ruka Peak - Boutique Hotel

Melonta Rukajärvellä

Ruka Safaris

Rukan Salongin hitec-savusauna

Rukan Salonki hitec smoke sauna

Rukapalvelu vie sinut moottorikelkkailemaan Kuusamon maisemiin

Rukapalvelu | Tailored Adventures


Salonki Travels

Other service
Majatalo Taiga School

Taiga School

Lentokone punainen ikoni Ruka-Kuusamo
Getting here
Ruka-Kuusamo pyöreä punainen ikoni ruokalautanen ravintolat
Ruka-Kuusamo pyöreä ikoni - vaellus ja retkeily
National parks

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