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Welcome to Ruka Training Center to train in world-class facilities with over 200 days of skiing per season. 

Did you hear? Ruka Park  will undergo a complete renovation to meet international competition and World Cup standards

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Freestyle skiing
Alpine skiing
Alpine skiing
Cross country and ski jumping
Ski jumping & cross-country skiing

The most versatile training possibilities in Finland at Ruka

We aim to ensure that every visit to Ruka is an unforgettable experience. We are accustomed to hosting top names in snow sports and organizing international events such as the FIS Ruka Nordic and FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup. Ruka's versatile training places, combined with a more than six-month-long ski season, create excellent opportunities for high-quality training. We have taken into account both alpine skiing and snowboarding as well as freestyle skiing. In addition, Ruka offers a good setting for training in ski jumping, cross-country skiing, and combined.


Get to know Pyhä ski resort

Check the terms and ordering instructions in the menu below. The menu opens when you press the + button.
Licensed rider Early bird price (until 17.11.24) Normal price camp-spesific lift tickets, valid throughout the season
Adult 380 € 480 € -10 %
Youth 12-17 yrs. 350 € 430 € -10 %
Child 6-11 yrs. 235 € 295 € -10 %
Licensed rider's parents 425 €

Terms and ordering of early bird season passes


  • Advance prices apply to Skisport Finland and Finnish Snowboard Association club members. Prices are valid until November 17, 2024.
  • The season pass is valid at both Ruka and Pyhä.
  • Additionally, for every eight (8) purchased training season passes, one complimentary pass (coach season pass) will be granted. The purchased season passes can also be calculated based on the last season.
  • At the beginning of the season, name lists must be provided to qualify for discounted season pass prices. The sales service will send a link to the club contact person(s) through which the name list should be submitted. The link can be obtained by contacting
  • Please provide the name lists well in advance, no later than the start of the winter season on October 4, 2024.
  • Season pass collection and payment methods: Ticket office, payment on-site, or invoicing (invoicing fee 20 €).

Track booking for alpine skiing and snowboarding

Open the track booking calendar

Slope bookings are possible for: Front slope 2, FIS-slope 4, Pessari 11, Saarua 12, and Masto 35. No other slopes can be booked for training purposes. Please notice that slope bookings are not possible when slopes are reserved for public use. When looking down the slope, track A is on the left side, track B is on the right side, and track C is between A and B.

You can check the opening slots through the track booking calendar but inquiries and reservations by bookings email: or by telephone +358 10 382 5140 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Reservations should be made at least two days in advance. The information needed for a reservation is the date and time, name of the team, name of the coach and his/her phone number, size of the training group, ages of the trainers, and discipline (SL/GS). Reservation and cancellation terms for track

If you book a course for organizing the race, read the instructions for organizing events at Ruka. Ruka Centre reserves the right to make changes. Changes may have been made to already confirmed shifts, e.g., due to weather conditions. Please also read the Reservation and cancellation terms for the track.

Ski passes, accommodation and meals for the training groups

Trainers' lift tickets, accommodation, and meals easily in the same order

RukaBooking (, phone +358 10 382 5222) will book ski passes for your training group, help you book and organize meals, and reserve accommodation.

Lift tickets:

Training prices and booking conditions are valid in the winter season when the booking is made under the club's name. At the time of booking, the name and contact information of the club's contact person must also be provided in addition to the booker's contact information. Ski passes can be collected from the Piste rental shop, Valley rental shop, or Vuosselinportti rental shop.

For every eight trainees, one coach gets a free ski pass for the same period, or we offer one free season pass to the coach for eight trainee season passes. A coaching season pass can be granted based on the previous season's performance, allowing coaches to have access to their season passes right from the start of the new season.

When ordering a lift ticket, the name of the team, the number and duration of the lift tickets, and the names and ages of the coaches/skiers/guardians must be stated. In the case of training season cards, the license or Skipass numbers of the licensors must also be stated. Our sales service has the opportunity to check the validity of licenses/passes from Ski Sport Finland's license register. The teams have the option of post-invoicing with a valid invoicing agreement. 


All Ski Inn accommodation -15% off the list price, valid throughout the season.
In addition, we offer super prices for the beginning and end of the season:
4.10.2024 - 17.11.2024 and 23.4.2025 - until the end of the season -20% on stays over 4 nights.

Get to know the ski resort accommodation, Ruka Ski-Inn, here. Each Ski-Inn accommodation will also have an equipment maintenance space suitable for bigger groups. AurinkoRinne and MastonAitio accommodations have maintenance rooms right next to the apartments. The accommodations are beside the slopes and ski tracks, and the meals and gym are within walking distance. 

*The cost of calling the business number is a mobile call charge when dialed from a mobile phone and a local network charge when dialed from a landline. The call cost is determined based on the caller's phone contract. When calling from abroad, the cost is determined according to the local operator's price list.

Ski service and maintenance

Piste Rental Shop and ski service help you to find the best possible maintenance for your equipments. We provide services for alpine skis, telemark skis, cross country skis and snowboards.

Piste ski service operates the modern automatic ski service machine Wintersteiger Discovery. We are able to take care of the alpine skis of both beginners and racers, as well as cross-country skis! If special pattern grinding is needed, it must be discussed separately according to the customer's needs.

For the snowboards we do the grinding by hand. This results to an excellent base for the snowboards.
The ski service also involves priming the equipment. We use a thermal oven for priming, which means that the cream is properly absorbed into the base of the skis and gives the equipment more life and excellent glide. We recommend priming lubrication especially for new equipment!

In the Ruka Ski Inn accommodation you will find maintenance rooms for skis and snowboards that are suited for big groups as well. If you are staying in Ruka Village, we recommend using the maintenace tables located in Ruka parking hall.  

For frequentuly visiting teams we offer storage space for slalom sticks and other equipment in Vuosseli maintenance hall, address: Vuosselintie 17. Storage space is limited and it is filled according to bookings. Inquiries and bookings primarily via e-mail:

read more on ski service

Salt orders

During soft spring snow, it is possible for training groups to order salt for the maintenance of the track. The price of the salt bucket is 15 € and the price includes the transport to the top of the slope reserved for training. All salt orders through Piste ticket sales, tel. +358 400 101 605 or

Bagjump Landing Bag – not in use during winter season 23–24

Note! Landing bag is not available for bookings during winter season 2023–2024.

Ruka’s Olympic level Landing Bag by Bagjump offers a unique opportunity for training groups. The Landing bag’s size is 20 x 50 metres and it is a great way to take big air and slope style practices to the next level while minimizing the risks that come with learning new tricks.  

• Landing bag prices do not include a lift ticket and each athlete must also have a valid ski pass 
• Minimum of 4 athletes / maximum 30 athletes per reservation. If you want to book Landing Bag for private use, the price is 650 € / 2h
• Coaches are in charge of supervision

The rules / discharge form must be signed before the training slot and the name list of athletes should be sent to the sales office. Please send signed forms and name lists to sales office minimum two working days prior to your landing bag training day.

Upload the terms & conditions for landing bag


  • Size of the jump: usually the are two jumps for the landing bag, smaller approximately 12–14 metres.
  •  Dimensions of the Landing Bag: 20 x 50 m
  • Landing Bag landing steepness: 32° 
Track booking calendar
Track bookings:
Customer service
Sales service
+358 10 382 5222*

*The cost of calling the business number is a mobile call charge when dialed from a mobile phone and a local network charge when dialed from a landline. The call cost is determined based on the caller's phone contract. When calling from abroad, the cost is determined according to the local operator's price list.

Book beginning and end-of-season accommodation at -20%

We offer training groups a 20% discount on accommodation for the beginning and end of the season. The offer applies to over four-night bookings from October 4th to November 17th and from  April 23rd to the end of the season. Make a reservation by contacting our sales team via email or phone.

Get to know to Ruka training centre:


Snowboarding and freestyle skiing

Ruka has become the cradle of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, gaining worldwide fame. The largest and most famous training ground is the versatile Ruka Park, which will partially open for use as early as October. The updated info about Ruka Park can be found on Ruka Park's Instagram.

The park has several jump and rail lines of different levels. Our expert and dedicated park team renovates and develops the park regularly; future plans include, for example, constructing the Park's jump line to meet FIS standards. In the spring, the park is complemented by the Ruka Playground rising to Vuosseli, which offers a playground for skiers of all levels.

On the side of the front slopes are a FIS mogul course (length 225 m, height difference 106 m, steepness 52%, i.e., 29 degrees) and an Aerials jumping place.

In addition to training, Ruka Park, the mogul course, and the Aerials jump offer a setting for well-known snowboarding and freestyle skiing events and competitions; among others, the FIS Freestyle World Cup Opening and the FIS Freeski & Snowboard slopestyle European Cup have been organized in Ruka. We have also worked as a partner of the Finnish Snowboarding Team, the QKLS team, for several years.


Ruka park ski resort
Freestyle slope

Alpine skiing

Did you know that Ruka hosted the first slalom championships back in 1956?

With alpine training groups in mind, Ruka has been developed on the slopes for a long time - the most significant mention being the FIS slalom slope that meets international standards (length 630 m and height difference 182 m). The FIS slope, completed in 2010, is easy to close to other skiers for the duration of the track shift, making training much safer than on shared slopes.

It is also possible to book track shifts for the following slopes: Eturinne 2, Pessari 11, and Saarua 12. Please see the instructions before making a reservation.

rukan treenikeskus

Cross-country skiing, ski jumping, and combined 

Varied ski terrains, a long ski season from October to April, and well-maintained slopes provide an excellent basis for training. FIS Ruka Nordic, the annual Nordic skiing World Cup opening, guarantees snow-sure slopes and slopes in excellent condition right from the start of winter. There is a total of 125 km of skiing in Ruka, of which there are 23 km of lighted slopes. Most of the tracks are suitable for both traditional and skating styles. You can see the up-to-date ski track situation here.

Ruka's large hill is one of the world's most significant in hill jumping. In addition to its popularity, Ruka large hill is also the biggest plastic jumping hill in the world. The last major renovation of the hill was in 2016 when a Double-Track was added, and wind protection was improved. Next to the large HS 142 hill is the smaller HS 70 jumping hill. Hill jumping training can be done not only in winter but also in summer.

Ruka Nordic

Book Ski-Inn accommodation next to the ski slopes and stadium

Ski-Inn accommodations next to the slopes ensure that you get enough rest after training. The trip is made easier when final cleaning, sheets and towels are always included in the accommodation price.

RukaValley Ski-Inn

RukaValley hotel rooms and apartments

Best accommodation at the beginning of the season next to the slopes and RukaPark.
Ski-Inn RukaTonttu

RukaTonttu apartments

Accommodation in Ruka village, sauna and winter swimming every day for an extra charge.
Ski-Inn RukaVillage

RukaVillage apartments

Finland's Best Boutique Hotel 2023 at the World Ski Awards. Many sizes of apartments for different needs at the heart of Rukankylä village. Spacious apartments with decent bedrooms. All apartments are well-equipped and have a sauna and drying cabinet — some also a jacuzzi.