Autumn in Ruka-Kuusamo is bursting with colours and adventures

If the autumn is bringing you down and you are wondering what’s fun in Finland in the autumn, we have the answer! In September, you can enjoy the majestic autumn colours in Ruka-Kuusamo, and in October it’s time to dig out your skis – the slopes are opening! Amazing double auroras can be seen from August onwards until the lakes get frozen. 

During the autumn holiday, you can experience the best of both worlds, summer and winter: the slopes and ski trails of Ruka, mountain biking, hiking and rafting, too, if everything works out perfectly! 

Five national parks within reach

The five national parks in the area are all distinctive and unique. Oulanka has great river valleys, Riisitunturi’s fell scenery is the Lapland you know from photographs, Hossa has ridges with pines and clear ponds whereas Syöte boasts great trails softened with pine and spruce needles for mountain biking.

When you head towards the Russian border, you will come across the vast wilderness of Paanajärvi National Park.

Colours on land, in water, on air

Double aurora, or the northern lights reflecting on a calm water surface, is on the wish list of many tourists who have travelled a long way to see it. This experience is possible on the shores of lakes or ponds in Kuusamo in August–November.

In September you can also enjoy the colourful sceneries during the daytime when autumn colours (foliage) covers the ground and the trees. 

Tuplarevontulet hurmaavat syksyllä, Ruka-Kuusamo
Relaxing the body and the mind

Lovely treatments and relaxing experiences help you recover from busy daily life and make your holiday that much sweeter. Why not try a smoke sauna, enjoy a hot stone massage or surprise yourself with reindeer yoga?

Delicious treats and a great night’s sleep

We want to make your holiday a fun and smooth experience. Choosing the best accommodation is easy with Ruka-Kuusamo Accommodation Search. And when you reach Kuusamo, you’ll see that it’s packed with restaurants and shops that guarantee you’ll never go hungry and are always prepared, no matter what the weather is like! 

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