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Experience the amazing paddling trails of Kuusamo!

Paddling on the clear rivers of Kuusamo is among the top summer experiences. The Kuusamo region has a total of 350 km of classified river and lake paddling trails, which means you won’t run out of trails to paddle even on a longer holiday! 

Companies providing adventures and activities in Kuusamo organise guided paddling tours where an expert guide handles the trail choice and orienteering. Renting a canoe for a self-organised paddling excursion on Oulankajoki river is also popular.

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Paddling trails on rivers

The Oulankajoki, Kitkajoki and Kuusinkijoki rivers and the headwaters of Iijoki river are classified. Trails on Oulankajoki river (from Kiutaköngäs waterfall to the border zone) and in the headwaters of Iijoki river are suitable for beginners.

The top part of Oulankajoki river (starting from the Salla side) as well as the Kuusinkijoki and Kitkajoki rivers are only suitable for experienced paddlers (river classification I-IV).

Paddling trails on lakes

The following lakes have paddling trails: Kitkajärvi, Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi, Kiitämä, Kirpistö and Suininki. A novice paddler can set out on Lake Kuusamojärvi from the sports centre shore near Kuusamo centre.

Boating in Kuusamo

Kuusamo has around 100 km of small boat routes on the region’s largest lakes: Kitkajärvi, Kuusamojärvi and Muojärvi as well as on Kiitämä, Kirpistö and Suininki. The trails are marked on bodies of water with cairns and marks. Trails are presented on separate nautical charts and topographic maps by the National Land Survey of Finland.

Kuusamo has two fishing ports: Ala-Kitka and Sossonniemi. In addition, there is a fishing port on the Posio side in Mourusalmi. There are marinas, small-boat harbours and places for going ashore on the shores of lakes and rivers.

Boating and paddling trails in Kuusamo

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