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Official partners of Ruka-Kuusamo

The official partners of Ruka-Kuusamo are visibly involved in Ruka village and events, offering our customers benefits and experiences all year round!

Range Rover Finland

Range Rover models are prominently displayed in the Ruka-Kuusamo area. The unique nature of the Kuusamo area and versatile adventures offer a wonderful setting for an active lifestyle. The cooperation's slogan "Welcome home" speaks of tourists' loyalty and admiration for Ruka-Kuusamo's nature, and many feel like they are returning home. Range Rover is also at home in these conditions.

Range Rover is involved in events in the area, e.g. during the ski holiday weeks of winter 2023-2024, it is possible to test drive Range Rover's newest models in Ruka village.

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Range Rover


Protect Our Winters Finland

​Climate change poses a serious threat to the future of winter sports. Winters are getting shorter and the snow is disappearing. Fortunately, each of us can contribute to combating climate change. Protect Our Winters Finland activates winter sports lovers and companies working in winter sports to save our winters by working against climate change. More information about the activities of Protect Our Winters Finland: Take a look at Protect Our Winters Finland in Facebook too! 

Protect Our Winters Finland

Are you interested in a partnership with Ruka-Kuusamo? 

Please contact: Mats Lindfors, the CEO of Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association,, +358 400 747356.