Sports centres

Kuusamo has many sports centres, both indoors and in the middle of nature

Head towards a gym, an outdoor CrossFit training session, a sports field or an ice rink. We have well maintained sports facilities for all the most common sports.

Ruka’s outdoor gym and exercise stairs

In the vicinity of Talvijärvi, you can find an outdoor gym for independent crossfit training. The outdoor gym is located along the FIS5 cross country ski trail, below Ski-Inn Aurinkorinne in the vicinity of the Rukatonttu parking area.

Sets of stairs suitable for exercise can be found in Ruka Ski Stadium next to the small and large ski jumping hills. You can sprint up and down the stairs regardless of the weather in the building with the escalator leading from the Ski Stadium to Ruka village.

Sports centres in the town of Kuusamo

Kuusamo centre has plenty of different sports facilities, both indoors and outdoors. There is a pool, gym, facilities for indoor ball games, indoor ice skating rink and several outdoor sports fields.

Snow sledding, snow racers and snow tubing

There are plenty of snow sledding slopes in Ruka area and at Kuusamo city centre and you can use them free of charge! Snow racing on certain ski slopes at evenings is available from December until April. Rosa&Rudolf Family Park has a super fun Snow Tubing slope. Snow racing and snow tubing require special ski passes.

Things to do indoors for kids

We have several activity parks and spaces as well as lots of other activities indoors.

Ice skating rinks and tracks

Ice skating rinks are closed for this season and maintenance has stopped.

In Ruka, you can ice skate at the ice rink of Ruka school (Rukankouluntie 30). Ice skating at the ice rink of Ruka school is possible on weekday evenings from 15:00 onwards and weekends (when school is out). 

In Kuusamo, the Sports Centre ice rink, the Nilo ice rink, Tolpanniemi skating area and the Toranki school skating area are in use, on weekdays from 15:00 forwards and weekends. Also the Käylä ice rink is in use (light switch in the light pole on the left).

Ice skating rinks are presented on website (in Finnish only). See link below for location of ice skating rinks on map as well as information about maintenance.

Sports centres and services related to sports:

Adventure Apes

Angry Birds Activity Park on lapsiperheiden suosikkikohde Kuusamon Tropiikissa

Angry Birds Activity Park

Place to visit
Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikin kylpylä

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa and treatments

Kuusamon keilahalli

Kuusamo Bowling Hall

Liikuntakeskus: liikuntahalli, uimahalli ja jäähalli

Kuusamo Sports Center


Rosa&Rudolf Kids'Club

Rukan keilahalli

Ruka Bowling Alley

Rukan frisbeegolf

Ruka Disc Golf

Ruka Gym

Ruka Gym

Rukan kansainvälinen hiihtostadion

Ruka International Ski Stadium


Sports events:

Sukevan Sulttaani: Road to Helsinki Nuorgam

Sukevan Sulttaani: Charity run from Helsinki to Nuorgam

8.6.2023 - 8.6.2023
Ruka Bike Park

Ten Euro Wednesday 14-18

14.6.2023 - 14.6.2023
Ruka Bike park kesä

Ten Euro Wednesday

21.6.2023 - 21.6.2023
Ruka Family Bike Park

National Bike Park -day 28.6.

28.6.2023 - 28.6.2023
Oulanka Downhill Swim

Downhill Swim 24 km at Oulanka National Park 2023

21.7.2023 - 23.7.2023
Kitka logo

Kitka - Ruka Mountain Bike Weekend 2022

26.7.2023 - 30.7.2023
Ruka Bike Park

Ten Euro Wednesday August & September

16.8.2023 - 20.9.2023
FIS Ruka Nordic 2021 - maastohiihdon juhlaa Rukalla

FIS Ruka Nordic 2023

24.11.2023 - 26.11.2023