NUTS Karhunkierros Trail Ultra 2022

This international Ultra trail run has already become a tradition. It will be organized on the famous hiking route "Karhunkierros" in Oulanka National Park. A total of 3,000 runners will start on several different routes. 13 km as a new route!
27.5.2022 - 29.5.2022
Karhunkierros trail & Ruka Village
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34 km | 55 km | 83 km | 166 km
Information 1/2022:  Fully booked. 

13 km
Information 1/2022:  Vacancies! 

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NUTS Karhunkierros

NUTS Karhunkierros routes and trails

3 km: Energetic before sauna run on Saturday night on the paths of Pyhävaara and Ruka. THAT IS NEW!
34 km: The best parts of the Karhunkierros trail from Juuma to Ruka in a nice package!
53 km: A bigger piece of cake - this route from Oulanka to Ruka will certainly not come to your mind by an accident!
83 km: "Original". Many have wandered the Karhunkierros trail in a week – Can you run that in a day?
166 km: Demanding challenge that tests both fitness and mental edge. Round trip from Ruka to the Arctic Circle service center in Hautajärvi and back to Ruka.

The 34-166 km routes follow the magnificent Karhunkierros hiking trail in Oulanka National Park. The route is very demanding. It has steep ups and downs, rocks, tree roots and even snow. The finish line for all routes is in the heart of Ruka Village.

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