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Lapland’s nature offers astounding opportunities for bird watching! 

You can catch a glimpse of rare eastern species. In many cases, Kuusamo is most likely the best or even the only place in Europe to observe them. The most interesting bird species in Kuusamo include the red-flanked bluetail, Siberian jay and pine grosbeak. In the winter, there are somewhat fewer species to spot than in the summer. 

One of our most majestic birds is the eagle, which you can spot on organised trips. The eagle watching season starts in March when the white-tailed eagle migration has begun properly.

Bird watching is fun for the whole family, and meeting a Siberian jay will put a smile on everyone’s face. On excursions, you will also learn more about animal species and nature and get acquainted with Kuusamo’s spectacular scenery. 

The prices of the bird photography tours start from 120 €/person. Prices usually include transfers and snack lunch. Pre-bookings required.

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Bird watching towers in Kuusamo

Bird watching towers have been built for use all year round in Kuusamo. Bird watching towers are marked on the free of charge Ruka-Kuusamo Summer Map that you can pick up, for instance, from Ruka Info and grocery shops and hotel receptions in Kuusamo centre. 

Bird watching towers in Kuusamo Centre

Bird watching tower Location Accessible
Toranki tower Toranki lake, South-East corner
Toranki platform Toranki lake, North corner x
Jätäri tower Toranki lake, North-West corner
Nilo platform Kuusamojärvi lake/ Nilojoki river
Nilojoki tower Kuusamojärvi lake
Vihtasalmi tower Kuusamojärvi lake, Vihtasalmi East corner

Bird watching towers elsewhere in Kuusamo

Bird watching tower Location Accessible
Antinperä tower Rukajärvi lake, East corner
Vasaraperä tower Kitkajärvi lake, Vasaralahti
Kaukosaari tower Ala-Kitka lake, Kaukosaari
Vuotunki tower Vuotunkijärvi lake
Olkivaara tower Suininki village

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