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Feeding reindeer and reindeer sleigh rides are unforgettable experiences!

On a reindeer farm, you can take part in tending the reindeer and hear fascinating stories of reindeer husbandry, one of the traditional livelihoods in the north. Reindeer have been a source of livelihood for many families, and they have also been used as transport in the wilderness with no roads. Even though reindeer are semi-domesticated animals, they are also loyal assistants of their reindeer hosts. 

Reindeer sleigh rides are available usually from November to April, snow conditions allowing. The price of the reindeer sleigh ride or reindeer farm visit starts from 20 €/person. We recommend booking your reindeer adventure in advance. At Lammintupa, you can jump on reindeer safaris non-stop, which means that you don’t need an advance booking (prepare to wait). 

Reindeer farms are full of hustle and bustle also in the summer. Reindeer calf ear marking, collecting and drying bundles of leaves for reindeer to eat over the winter and the reindeer roundup in the autumn are the best known activities during the snowless time of year at reindeer farms, but a reindeer farm’s summer includes many other interesting activities. 

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Reindeer farms and sled rides:

Adventure Apes

Erolan Poro ja Puu

Erola's Reindeer & Tree

House of Northern Senses, talvimaisemia

House of Northern Senses

Kujalan Porotila

Kujalan Porotila Reindeer Farm

Kuusamo Safaris

Kuusamo Safaris


Lammintupa Winter Village

Northern lights at ruka

Northern Lights Expedition

Kelkkavuokraus Northernlight Safaries

Northernlight Safaries Yamaha rental

Palosaaren Poro- ja kalastustila

Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm

Porotila Orjasniemi & Kuontivaaran latukahvila

Reindeer Farm & Ski Trail Cafe Kuontivaara

Ruka Adventures

Ruka Adventures

Melonta Rukajärvellä

Ruka Safaris

Rukapalvelu vie sinut moottorikelkkailemaan Kuusamon maisemiin

Rukapalvelu | Tailored Adventures


Salonki Travels

Other service
Summer in Ruka-Kuusamo is full of adventures

Midnight sun, reindeer, bears, whitewater rafting, paddling, hiking, biking... welcome to experience all the wonders of summer in Lapland! 

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