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Ruka-Kuusamo for media

Instructions for media, photo gallery and media trips

This page is a useful tool for media representatives and influencers regarding facts about Ruka-Kuusamo, media co-operation and media trips. 

Ruka-Kuusamo press releases

Fact about tourism in Ruka-Kuusamo

Media trips

If you are interested in visiting Ruka-Kuusamo as a media representative, please contact: Tessa Suopanki, tessa.suopanki@rukakuusamo.fi. 

Ruka-Kuusamo photo gallery

Ruka-Kuusamo photo gallery is available for media in connection with Ruka-Kuusamo. 

Please contact mesi.lahteenkorva@rukakuusamo.fi and inform us about the purpose of the use of images. All rights are reserved.

Ruka-Kuusamo logo

The use of Ruka-Kuusamo logo is strictly forbidden without the permission of Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association. Please contact: mesi.lahteenkorva@rukakuusamo.fi.

Ruka-Kuusamo hashtags

#luonnonkoordinaatit #coordinatesofnature
#lumenkoordinaatit #coordinatesofsnow