Syksyn valo. Kuva Vincent Croce

Nature photography

Capture Kuusamo’s most wonderful scenery

The Ruka-Kuusamo region’s spectacular national parks, diverse landscape, from river valleys to fell peaks, and the region’s rich flora and fauna are a photographer’s dream come true.

You can explore the forests and valleys on your own while searching for your favourite sight or join a guided tour. We provide both short bird and nature photography tours in the Kuusamo region as well as longer photography camps lasting several days with experienced guides all year round.

The prices of the bird or nature photography tours start from 120 €/person. Prices usually include transfers and snack lunch. Pre-bookings required.

Spring and summer make for lovely, lush photos

Springtime offers nature photographers exceptional situations as they can observe the mating rituals of the wood grouse and black grouse. In the summer and early autumn, you can turn your objective towards the lush river and fell landscapes as well as bears and mosquitos in nature.

Experience the unique Polar night light and the different shades of snow

When temperatures drop below zero, you can calm down and take in the snowy scenery, admire golden eagles and the light of the Polar night, which is unlike anything else in the world.

Tykkypuut kaamoksen valossa, Ruka-Kuusamo. Kuva Johan Lolos.
Kuusamo’s spectacular autumn colours

Among the stunning autumn colours, you can get pictures of golden eagles and the autumnal mating rituals of the black grouse.

Autumn colours on the ground level are often at their most majestic on the Pyhävaara, Ruka, Valtavaara and Konttainen fells and in Riisitunturi. The valleys of the Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki rivers are great places to admire the autumn foliage of deciduous trees.

Kuusamon ruska. Kuva Florian Wenzel

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