Moottorikelkkailu Lapin hohtavilla hangilla on monelle loman kohokohta!


Snowmobiling on the glistening Lapland snow is a holiday highlight! 

In Kuusamo, you can rent a snowmobile or participate in a guided snowmobile safari. We have lots of maintaned snowmobile routes and an area for those who enjoy freeride snowmobiling.

500 km of well-groomed routes

Find more detailed route information from the Ruka-Kuusamo snowmobile route online service. You can also find up-to-date information on route conditions on Facebook (primarily in Finnish): Ruka-Kuusamon Kelkkaryhmä


  • Maintenance of the snowmobile routes has ended for spring 2024. 

Guided snowmobile safaris

Participating in a guided snowmobile safari is an effortless and safe way of starting your snowmobiling journey, also with the whole family! In our weekly programme, you can find a diverse selection of different ATV safaris and family excursions on sleighs pulled by snowmobiles where you can enjoy the northern lights, for instance. Some sleigh rides are also suitable for people with physical disabilities. 

Snowmobile safaris are available from December to April, snow and ice conditions allowing. Prices starting from 75 €/person/2 hour snowmobile safari, pre-bookings recommended. Snowmobiling for kids is available at Lammintupa, 20 €/child, no pre-bookings required. 

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Snowmobile hires: 

Kuusamo Safaris

Kuusamo Safaris


Lammintupa Winter Village

Northern lights at ruka

Northern Lights Expedition

Ruka Adventures

Ruka Adventures

Ruka Safaris

Ruka Safaris

Rukapalvelu vie sinut moottorikelkkailemaan Kuusamon maisemiin

Rukapalvelu | Tailored Adventures


Snowmobile hire

We rent high-quality snowmobiles with all the necessary equipment. When renting a snowmobile, you will always be instructed on how to use the snowmobile and get tips on suitable snowmobile routes in Lapland. You can also rent sleighs where kids can travel on your snowmobile excursions. 

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Services related to snowmobiles:

Kuusamo Safaris - snowmobile rentals

Kelkkavuokraus Northernlight Safaries

Northernlight Safaries Yamaha rental


Rukahuolto - Snowmobile Rental


S. Pätsi Racing


Sport House Ruka - snowmobile rentals

Stella Polaris Adventures vuokraa laatukelkat Rukan reiteille

Stella Polaris Adventures Snowmobile Rentals

Sustainable snowmobiling

In the Ruka area, there are several intersections of cross country skiing and snowmobile routes and underpasses shared by skiers and snowmobilers. The Ritakorpi/Multasniemi area has an unofficial dog sleigh route in addition to the official snowmobile route. Intersections have warning signs; please be careful and make sure that you are driving on a designated snowmobile route.

Freeride snowmobiling in Kuusamo

Kuusamon yhteismetsä maintains freeride snowmobile area in the plots of Maaninka and Ölkky in Martinluoma. In spring 2024, the permit fee is 40 €/day/plot. There is a daily permit quota. You will receive more detailed instructions and a map of the permit area with the permit. For companies offering safaris, Kuusamon yhteismetsä office (tel. +358 40 750 0026) also sells transfer permits for safari guides at a price of 150 €/season.

Plots have access by car as well as some parking space. When snowmobiling, please drive responsibly, following the instructions and respecting nature!

Voluntary route fee for grooming routes

If you so wish, you can support the grooming of routes in Ruka-Kuusamo by paying a voluntary snowmobile route fee of €50. The income from the snowmobile route fees is used to groom the region’s snowmobile routes. One fee covers 2 kilometres of grooming.

Practical tips for snowmobilers

Set your driving speed according to weather, terrain and situation.
Learn about the land and plan your route in advance.
Prepare for the journey with a proper helmet and appropriate driving gear.
Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
When driving in a group, maintain sufficient distance to the person in front of you. Also get to know Liikenneturva’s guidelines for safe snowmobiling and instructions on snowmobiling on land owned by Metsähallitus.

Rest stops and snowmobile cafés

Snowmobile trail around Ruka

Almost all restaurants and cafés in the Ruka area are accessible by snowmobile. Reaching Ruka village is easy along the route running next to Rukatunturintie, and there is a designated snowmobile parking area at the end of the route on the southern side of Ruka village (snowmobile route maps section "Rukan kylä"). 


Lammintupa Winter Village open daily at 9.30-16.

Ruka-Ritakorpi-Kuusamo Airport/Suininki

There's a "kota" shelter at the crossroad of Ritakorpi.  

Kuusamo Airport-Nissinlampi

Restaurant O'Learys at Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki. 

Kuntivaara route

Isokenkäisten Klubi / Kelekkakahvila - check opening ours at Isokenkäisten Klubi Facebook page

Ruka-Jyrkänkoski-Kuntivaara: Pohjolan Pirtti, check details at Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari Facebook page.

A new "kota" shelter at the top of Kuntivaara hill (a new, smaller kota has replaced the bigger buidling that was lost in fire 2021 - a more permanent, larger kota coming in a few years!).  

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