Maastopyöräilijät metsäreitillä, Ruka-Kuusamo


Enjoy a cycling holiday in Kuusamo!

The varied bike trails of Ruka-Kuusamo and the exquisite scenery of the north make for incomparable cycling conditions. 

Ruka-Kuusamo’s offering is complemented by the trails of Hossa and Syöte, both located within a drive of one hour or so. You have your fair share of trails to bike for your entire holiday week!

New: Gravel biking

This popular form of cycling is gaining a strong foothold in Ruka-Kuusamo with the development of a new concept and new routes from autumn 2023 onwards. Gravel biking is especially popular in Central Europe and is continually growing in popularity in Finland. From a tourism perspective, gravel biking also holds significant potential. First routes will be published in digital platforms during spring 2024. 

Gravel-pyöräilyä Kuusamossa, kuva Aapo Lappalainen
Mountain biking

The entire Ruka-Kuusamo region has a total of 180 km of marked mountain bike trails. We have trails for everyone, from beginners to experienced mountain bikers.

Perhe maastopyöräilemässä, Ruka-Kuusamo
Ruka Bike Park

Ruka Bike Park provides top-tier conditions, equipment and landscape for diverse mountain and downhill biking, for everyone from beginners to experts.

Ruka Bike Park
Services for bikers

Ruka-Kuusamo provides high-quality rental bikes, bike washing stations, charging stations for electric bikes and diverse bike hotels.

Alamäkipyöräilyä Ruka-Kuusamossa
Winter biking

It’s always a great time to hop on your bike! In Ruka-Kuusamo, you can rent an electric fatbike for a fun excursion through winter scenery on properly maintained winter bike trails.

Fatbike-pyöräretkellä talvella revontulien alla

A layperson’s quick guide to biking vocabulary

  • MTB = mountain biking
  • XC = Cross-country biking
  • DH = Downhill biking
  • CC/CX = Cyclocross (a bike model that combines the features of a mountain bike and a road bike)
  • Drop = A steep section on a bike trail
  • E-bike = A bike with electric assistance
  • Enduro = downhill biking style where bikes have a lot of suspension
  • Fatbike = a bike with oversized tyres, designed for off-road cycling
  • Berm = a banked turn
  • Bib shorts = padded cycling shorts
  • Hardtail = a bike that does not have a rear suspension system
  • Carbon bike = a mountain bike with a carbon-fibre frame
  • Cleat = the section on the sole of a cycling show that attaches
  • to the pedal.
  • OTB = Over the bar
  • Wheel = rim, spokes and wheel hub
  • Full-suspension = a mountain bike with full suspension