Kaltiolampi Fishing

Kaltiolampi pond, located in the Ruka Village, is an easy fishing spot for the whole family!

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7.6.2024 - 22.9.2024
Kaltiolampi, Ruka Village
Adventure Slopes
Kaltiolammen lohilampi

Kaltiolampi Salmon Pond

Rainbow trout are planted in the pond in early summer. Whitefish and perch can also be caught in the pond.

Fishing fee is 15 € / day / 1 fish, additional fish 11,50 €.

You may rent equipment and buy your fishing permit at Piste Shop and Rental. Fishing is permitted during the opening hours of the Piste rental shop.

Fishing equipment can be rented at Piste Shop and Rental. The rental for equipment is 8,50 € / day, including a rod, reel and 4 lures.

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