Wild food

Wild food directly from nature

Ruka-Kuusamo serves delicious food from local ingredients. Nature’s offering, fresh fish, berries and mushrooms as well as delicious reindeer meat are among the top delicacies in Kuusamo’s cuisine. 

Pure natural waters, vast lakes and a great variety of fish species ensure that Kuusamo always has fresh fish that taste amazing.

The region’s most important and unique meat product is reindeer, from which many tasty treats are made for daily life as well as celebrations. Reindeer meat is lean and it has a gentle game flavour.

Milk from local milk producers turns into delicious cheese in the local dairy. Berries and mushrooms find their way from nearby forests to the region’s restaurants.

Promoting sustainable tourism includes using locally sourced ingredients and cherishing local cooking methods. We encourage also the smallest family members to try new flavours and invite them to appreciate food made of clean, pure ingredients. 

Wild food from Kuusamo

The Kuusamo Lapland Wild Food label is a guarantee of the item’s local heritage, pure ingredients and a traditional, simple method of preparation.

You can order a feast full of local delicacies for your group or also take part in the cooking, if you wish.

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Kuusamo-Lapland Slow Food Convivium

About a dozen Kuusamo-based tourism operators and a group of experts established Slow Food Convivium in Kuusamo in spring 2019. The convivium promotes a locally, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable society, and is part of the Slow Food Network covering 160 countries. 

The aim of the convivium is to enliven and make visible local agriculture, the reindeer and fishing economy, gastronomy, culture and tradition. In addition, they want to highlight regional cuisine combined with art, health, wellbeing and nature – as an important part of sustainable nature and food tourism. This approach makes the Kuusamo-Lapland Convivium special and interesting also on an international scale. 

Wild food is served by:

House of Northern Senses, talvimaisemia

House of Northern Senses

Magical Pond kotaillallinen, tilausravintola Kataja

Hut Restaurant Kataja


Isokenkäisten Klubi

Special accommodation
Kujalan Porotila

Kujalan Porotila Reindeer Farm



Private restaurant
Pohjolan Pirtti kesällä

Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari

Private restaurant

Restaurant Rukan Kuksa


Restaurant Rukatonttu

Ravintola Tapio

Restaurant Tapio

Riipisen Riistaravintola poronsisäfile

Riipinen Wild Game Restaurant

Ravintola Royal Ruka

Royal Ruka - Hotel & Restaurant


Salonki Travels

Other service
Wildout - rakenna linnunpönttö

Wild Out