Gravel-pyöräilyä Kuusamossa, kuva Aapo Lappalainen

Gravel biking

Gravel is a form of biking that mainly involves riding on dirt roads, forest trails, and gravel roads. It combines features of mountain biking and road cycling, offering the opportunity to explore new routes and enjoy nature. Gravel biking is currently the fastest-growing cycling sub-discipline. 

Ruka-Kuusamo will soon have 900 km of gravel routes

Ruka-Kuusamo has now focused on assembling the area's route network into suitable and scenically stunning circular routes. Along the way, there are wide gravel roads, narrower forest service roads, and paths, and of course, some paved sections as well. The design of the routes has focused on both scenic beauty and the utilization of the area's diverse service offerings.

Gravel ride base camps in Ruka village and Kuusamo centre

The gravel route network consists of several hubs, with the largest being in Ruka village and Kuusamo centre. Additionally, there are intersections in Oivanki and Käylä. The routes can be combined in various ways, so there is something for gravel enthusiasts, those new to the discipline, and families looking to cycle together.

Gravel routes to be gradually published in spring 2024

The first routes to be explored will be listed on the platform. All routes will also be published on the Komoot platform by summer 2024. The Ruka-Kuusamo gravel season begins in June with the melting of the snow and there is plenty to ride until the snow returns in October.

Valtavaara circuit

This 40 km cycling route, winding past the stunning landscapes of Valtavaara, offers 500 meters of elevation gain and diverse nature experiences. About half of the route is paved. Prepare for breathtaking views and pack plenty of snacks!

Konttainen, Ruka-Kuusamo
Rukajärvi circuit

The Rukajärvi 23 km gravel cycling circuit offers 230 meters of elevation gain and attracts riders of all levels to the beautiful landscapes of Rukajärvi. Half of the route is on unpaved paths, the rest on asphalt and bike paths.


True to its name, this 50+ km route connects Ruka village and Kuusamo centre. The route primarily offers well-defined and smooth gravel, with highlights including the Junganharju ridge and the pine forests of Oivanki.

Gravel-pyöräilyä Kuusamossa, kuva Aapo Lappalainen
Kitka lake circuit

The 60 km gravel route from the landscapes of Ruka to the shores of Lake Kitka includes a detour to Kouvervaara, offering elevation changes over several kilometers, including a few technically challenging sections.

Kesäyö Kuusamossa, kuva Maija Koskinen
Kuusamo lakes circuit

With over 1900 lakes, Kuusamo has the third highest number of lakes in Finland. Thus, this 66 km route is replete with gleaming blue lakes, hillscapes, and small countryside villages, offering plenty of rolling gravel. The hub for this route is Kuusamo centre.

Kuusamon urheilukenttä, kuva Janne Leimola, Maan pinnalla, Naturpolis

Draft of Ruka-Kuusamo gravel routes

This is the treat that will be available in the spring and summer of 2024! The route alignments will still be refined, and we reserve the right to make changes.

Ruka-Kuusamon gravelreitit

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